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Friday, 26 April 2019 05:45 am

Increased school role puts pressure on Roseneath School space

A SPIKE in the roll at Roseneath School has put pressure on resources so it is looking at revamping its outdoor spaces.

Roseneath School Principal John Reynolds.

Roseneath School Principal John Reynolds.

Principal John Reynolds says the school roll grew 25% in recent years and as a result, zoning was introduced in March 2013.

“We went from 120 to 150 students, but the roll has now stabilised at 130.”

The library had been used as a classroom while a pre-fabricated movable classroom block was built.

The new room arrived in July and occupies the space previously held by an asphalt sports court, which has increased pressure on the remaining outdoor spaces.

The school has no potential to increase its footprint because it is hemmed in by harbour, cliffs, roads and buildings.

Roseneath School from the air.

Roseneath School aerial view. Image: Wraight & Associates.

Mr Reynolds says the challenge is to best rationalise the remaining outdoor recreational space.

“We went through a consultation process with students and parents to see how they wanted to use the space.”.

The process has been completed and a scoping stage has begun with landscape architects for a final design and budget.

Initial concepts were presented last month for feedback from students, parents, caregivers, faculty and friends.

The preliminary sketches from Wraight and Associates (landscape architects) are on display in the school foyer.

Principal Reynolds said once a design is agreed and a budget is set, Friends of Roseneath School will swing into action with a fundraising drive.

“We had a quiz night recently which raised about $4000, but this is a long term project and will take a few years.”

Two-thirds of the $300,000 library development in 2009 was funded through the efforts of Friends of Roseneath School.

Photography: Dominic Godfrey except where stated.

Roseneath School main building with library development.

Roseneath School main building with library development.

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