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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 12:54 pm

Celebrating 10 years with cultural awareness

PORIRUA Strong Pacific Families is celebrating ten years with cultural awareness performances and exhibitions for the public this week in Porirua City.

A picture of Porirua Strong Pacific Families member Lorna Kanavatoa and a volunteer in front of a model of a pacific island canoe

Porirua Strong Pacific Families member Lorna Kanavatoa (left) and a volunteer.

The Porirua Strong Pacific Families community group is hosting the events in tandem with the Nga Toanga community group from November 23-27, 2015.

The week will consist of Polynesian movie nights, a song night with prolific Tongan singer/songwriter Bill Savesi, and a cultural heritage exhibition.

The movie nights will be a compilation of Koa O Tokelau cultural films called The Precious Gems made in the Pacific Islands.

Porirua Pacific Families Committee member Lorna Kanavatoa says it will be great to show some of our movies and give them insight into life on the Islands.

“The film festival is an extension on the cultural exhibition, it’s just another way to celebrate our past going forward.”

The cultural exhibition is in the Porirua city centre and displays many Pacific pieces such as beautiful woven mats, model scale pacific canoes, and traditional Island clothing.

“We have had quite a lot of interest in the exhibition with people coming to check it out as well as Pacific school children coming to learn about their culture,” says Mrs Kanavatoa.

The exhibition is focused on eight Pacific island cultures including Fiji, Kiribati, Cook Island, Tokelau, Niue, Tuvalu, Samoa and Tonga.

Last year Porirua Strong Pacific Families Group walked around the community donating food to people in need, like they do in the Islands.

However this year decided they should showcase Pacific Island culture through movies and song.

“The Pacific community has the right to feel celebrated, and the exhibition and the movie nights will be a great finish to ten years with the Porirua community,” says Mrs Kanavatoa.

Picture of traditional Pacific outfits on display at the cultural exhibition in Porirua.

Traditional Pacific outfits on display at the cultural exhibition

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