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Young women a hit in the stock-car world

Dec 13th, 2015 | By | Category: Sport, Top Picture

WP_20151205_20_48_57_Pro__highresFIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Amy Eckersley has been driving stock-cars since she was 12.

She came first in her final race on Saturday December 5th and placed 6th at the New Zealand champs last season for the Mini Stocks.

She says she loves the sport despite a few accidents.

“Last season I got put into the wall and I bent my front bumper, I hit another car. The bumpers kinda mangled around my wheel. Last week in Wanganui I ended up in a massive pile up.”

One in ten stock car racers are female, and Speedway Manager Zoe Irons says the sport tries to encourage female drivers.

“I believe that Speedway is unique, encouraging a greater number of female participants than other motorsports.”

Amy’s mother Liane says her daughter showed promise from a young age.

“I always said to her I would give her a season and after that season if she is no good she wouldn’t be coming back again. The way I see it some kids can drive and some kids can’t, and she can drive.”

She said her daughter is the top female Mini Stock driver in Wellington.
“She’d definitely have to be the best girl in Wellington. If she wasn’t up there I wouldn’t say it.”

Liane say fast cars run in the family.

Her brother competes in the Saloon class and was the youngest to qualify at the NZ Saloon Champs in Blenheim.

“We’ve always been a car family, the kids have been brought up with cars.”

“She started talking to her father when she was 10 and said that she wanted to race and her father said no because she was a girl.

“I said we can’t pull that card if one child can have a car then the other one can as well.”

Amy is not the only girl taking part in the sport, 13 year old Hailey Best took home 3rd place in her final race on Saturday in Wellington.


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