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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 10:02 pm

Donation keeps the water flowing at performance centre.

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HYDRATION STATION: A class at the Whitireia Performance Centre celebrate their new drink bottles. IMAGE: Emma Moody

Students at Whitireia’s Performance Centre have a classmate’s forgetfulness to thank for their new drink bottles.

With the beginning of classes, the water will be flowing and the donation of bottles will keep about 150 performance students hydrated, including the son of New Zealand Oil Services Ltd’s Maintenance Manager, Steve Robson.

“Every few years, when we order bottles for the company, we end up with an oversupply so we pick somewhere to distribute them, be it a sports team or primary school,” Mr Robson says.

Steve&Teghan 400 px

Steve Robson (left) and Teghan Mear from New Zealand Oil Services Ltd. IMAGE: Emma Moody

The idea to distribute bottles to Whitireia came to Mr Robson when his son, Ethan Robson, forgot his drink bottle on his first day of study.

“We had to buy him another drink bottle on his first day, so when the time came for the company to decide where to distribute the bottles, I thought ‘I know somewhere that needs bottles,’” he says.

Programme Manager of Stage and Screen Arts at the Performance Centre Richard Finn hopes the donation of the bottles will make drinking water popular.

“Drinking water is important, especially in the course I run and the other courses we have here like dance and musical theatre. I’m hoping the water bottles will encourage the use of hydration,” he says.

The students celebrated the new bottles by turning them into bowling pins and used a human bowling ball to knock them over.

Mr Finn says he’s glad Mr Robson and Ms Mear were exposed to the energy of the students and had the opportunity to see the students’ creativity.

NZOSL Business Support Manager Teghan Mear says the company has 10 sites, most of them in the Wellington region.

“We distributed bottles in Central Wellington and in Porirua, which is really great,” she says.

New Zealand Oil Services Ltd has also donated bottles to Titahi Bay School.


BOWLING BALL: A Whitireia student uses the drink bottles as pins and himself as the ball. IMAGE: Emma Moody

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