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Thursday, 25 April 2019 11:51 am

Anzac women connected through fashion and stories



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Visitors read the stories behind the clothes in the exhibition.

Fiona Baverstock has brought grown men to tears with her Woman of Empire travelling exhibition.

The exhibition is dedicated to the women who lived through World War 1, using their clothes to tell their stories.

The women’s stories are presented beside their typical outfits at Katherine Mansfield House and Garden in Thorndon.

During the opening of her show to the public, Baverstock said she hoped to help people connect with those who were affected by the war.

“These amazing woman will make you cry, you will laugh with them, you’ll be amazed by their exploits and you’ll be inspired by them, at least we hope,” she said.

“We have seen several grown men brought to tears from the exhibition.

“What better way to tell it than by bringing it to life in the clothes that she wore, in the clothes that we all wore.”

Baverstock wants to make sure that long after they pass, their stories will live on.

“We knew that during the years of commemorating World War 1 that the men’s story will be well told as it should be, but we were determined to tell Her-story,” Baverstock said.

Originating from Australia, the exhibition has already travelled to Canada, South Africa and the UK.

“I feel passionate about it. I would like to shout it from the roof tops, to say come and see.”

Deputy Mayor Justin Lester said at the opening that the Wellington City Council was proud to support the exhibition.

“These stories are all too infrequently told,” Lester said.

The exhibition will expand in 2017 to tell the stories of what happened to the woman after the war, under the title “From fields of France to fields of home, the peace”.

The Katherine Mansfield House and Garden will exhibit the women of empire from  March 22 to  May 1 and the exhibition will be open for free throughout ANZAC week.



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