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Friday, 19 April 2019 08:20 pm

Local talent wows alongside NZ’s biggest stars


Request Dance Crew lead image

Request Dance Crew: Kaea Pearce, Ling Zhang, Corbyn Huch, Maddy, Martina Toderi, Leilani De’Marco ,Bianca Ikinofo, Zena M’Bengue at Creekfest.

Four young bands from Porirua got to share the stage with big national acts such as Aaradhna, Donell Lewis and Request Dance crew at Creekfest 2016.

The local bands Le Art, Swaggin Wagon, Jah-mon Fever and Blue Rhythm are not completely inexperienced.

Le Art, a three piece band from Aotea College, have performed at the Beehive for the Prime Minister’s Youth Awards and were excited when asked about their time on stage.

“It was like an adrenaline rush,” Anastasia Sirila, Tiresa Fomai and Rosetta lopa said.

They were also humble when asked about performing in Porirua alongside their fellow peers.

“We feed off their vibes. Anytime we go out and perform we always watch the others.”

“It’s amazing, we love any events like this, even if it’s in Porirua, we love it when it’s in Porirua, it’s our hometown.”

They are working on original song and then looking at recording in a studio.

Jah-mon Fever right top

Jah-mon Fever: Tipapa Bracken, Julian Wright.

Another local band Jah-mon Fever said it was good and different performing at Creekfest this year.

“We perform a lot but it’s different when it’s in our hometown, so with this performance, we were nervous,” said band members Tipapa Bracken and  and Julian Wright.

Their band started two years ago at school and were unsure about pursuing it after school.

“We’ll probably do gigs together, yeah, like we just come together one day before our actual performance and we just put something together. That’s the good thing about our band, everyone’s so talented that we can do that.

“We’re pretty much doing our own thing but if someone calls us up for a gig or something we come together.”

Swaggin Wagon are a country band from Porirua who have two New Zealand Country Music Awards.

Swaggin Wagon right top

Swaggin Wagon

“They’re called the Golden Guitar Awards it’s the pinnacle of country music in New Zealand,” said band member Tiana Miti.

“So it’s very big for us to go down there then come back home to Ptown where country music isn’t really known that well so it’s really an amazing experience.”

They were a little sceptical about performing in Cannons Creek.

“It’s kind of weird singing country in the Creek because it’s not the music youth our age would normally listen to but it was something we were brought up on so it was all good, it was fun.”

They were also excited about performing alongside their idols.

“I heard Aaradhna is coming, Request and we all actually listen to them not just country, surprise.

“But it’s so amazing like I can’t wait till she comes on, she’s like an idol to all of us.”

They’re looking at doing more gigs this year.

The last of the four bands is Blue Rhythm, a five piece band from Porirua College.

Their tutor came up with their name and they were put together two years ago before the Pasifika Beats regionals.

They said their time on stage was good and also one of the other local bands were an inspiration to them.

“Yeah definitely, definitely Jah-mon Fever” band member Kalo Samasoni said.

They’re looking at regionals then nationals this year.

Blue Rhythm right top

Blue Rhythm: Tupe Smith, Kalo Samasoni, Chris Ruaporo, Obeda Ngatuakana, Zion Sepelini








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