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Monday, 10 December 2018 11:36 am

Seeing school through eyes of kids, families lifts Postgate

Postgate-across the top 1

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn, says the principal of Whitby’s Postgate School, Adam Campbell.

Mr Campbell says it is all about the children.

He believes it’s time to create quality engagement with the children and their families to help make learning more sufficient.

“We’ve always had very good engagement with families, so we needed to go from involvement to engagement,” he says.

This is why Adam Campbell started an advisory group in 2013.

The first group, called the Maori Advisory Group is now Te Whanui Kaitiaki and there is also now a Pacifica Advisory Group.

The principal says since starting they have gradually raised Maori and Pacifica student achievement.

The schools motto is Together We Achieve. on the right side-Principal

Every second year Maori and Pacific students in year five and eight are surveyed for their opinions on the success of the programme.

A school child psychologist has devised six questions aimed at finding out what students see as barriers to achieving.

Students also have a voice through a student council at the school.

The principal says it gives them a voice and insight into what the teachers don’t see.

The Education Review Office’s latest report on Postgate School seems to endorse the work they are doing.

It says the school is doing fantastic work and can be proud of what it has achieved. It mentions a collaborative, committed staff, who have a relentless approach to accelerating the achievement of Maori, Pacific and other students.

It describes the school as positive welcoming and happy.

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