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Friday, 19 April 2019 12:22 am

Titahi Bay Intermediate thriving despite $75,000 budget cut

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Losing $75,000 in annual funding has not phased principal Dairne Kaimoana.

Titahi Bay Intermediate went from a decile 2 to a decile 4 in 2014 and the result was losing the government funding.

“I look at it from the outside, as people judge a school based on their decile rating, so we’re going to see if it makes a difference.”

Of all the schools in the western Porirua area, the intermediate was the only one to move up two deciles.

However, it now has to allocate money more efficiently and effectively.

right side in post Principal storyMrs Kaimoana’s main concern was losing the support of the agencies they would normally get as a decile 2 school.

Their health nurse is now coming once a fortnight when it used to be once a week, but their social worker is under a different contract so they are still getting those services.

“So we have Duffy Books which we were a part of, we used to pay 50% contribution, but with us going to a decile 4 we have to pay 75% of it so that’s where those benefits of being a decile 2, we start to lose them.”

However Mrs Kaimoana said the kids aren’t missing out on anything,

“We’ve done the water safety programme, the lifeguard programme and we still do trips to Te Papa because we fit within the deciles they cater for.”

“In terms of decile, that’s the biggest thing for us has been financial, which we’ve absorbed because to me it’s like we can work around that.”

“We look more now for lots of places that provide programmes for free.”

“Some of the programmes only cater for decile’s 1, 2 and 3, but we’ve been quite lucky to be able to get approval for the bus being a decile 4.”

Mrs Kaimoana says they’re still doing all the things they would normally do as decile 2 now, as a decile 4 school.

  “So we’ve had our whanau barbecue which we had at the beginning of the year, we have a community garden at the back of our school so we did it there, we also have trophy night coming up, we have that every term.”

Mrs Kaimoana is also organising a western Porirua school’s performance night and they’re doing a production, both are in term 3.

“Our challenge at the moment is changing the perception in the community and that’s been a challenge since we’ve been here.”

“We want people to come to our school because I know we have a good school and that’s not just because I’m the principal, it’s because I know what our kids get here.”

The schools latest ERO report in 2014 stated it had been focusing on raising achievement while also promoting cultures in a positive way.

“Last year was the best achievement rate that we’ve had.”


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