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Katydid star of Toi Poneke Gallery exhibit

May 26th, 2016 | By | Category: Latest News

kate lepper lead image

Wellington-based artist Kate Lepper has spent the past 8 months getting her Dead Bug Live exhibition together.

The exhibit featuring the carcass of a dead Katydid will run until May 28th at the Toi Pōneke Gallery in central Wellington.

The artist says, she chose the Katydid as her main subject because she was entranced by its green and fresh looking structure.

“I have never really seen a Katydid up close, they are hard to see in the wild and in photographs because they are such shy and well camouflaged creatures,” she says.

Lepper says her exhibition highlights nature as entertainment, emphasizing innocent curiosity.

This is not the first time Lepper has worked closely with nature’s beauties.

She likes to explore bio diversity and how insects link to the eco system’s flow.

“They (insects) are so overlooked. I like that there’s something that relates them to the world around us,” she says.

Dead Bug Live also features 100 kgs of sugar which creates a “weight for the pulley system” in her exhibit.

Kate Lepper says she is constantly thinking about the signature of materials she uses in all her pieces.

“I wanted to make the viewing of the bug very over the top, by playing on the curiosity of the Katydid”, says Lepper.

She also describes her work as a piece for all people.


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