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Te Ara school nurtures struggling students

Jun 2nd, 2016 | By | Category: Latest News, News



Wellington’s Te Ara school provides a safe learning environment for students who struggle at mainstream schools.

Located in Fore Street, Kaiwharawhara, Te Ara School is a place where students say they feel relaxed, yet empowered to achieve their NCEA levels without the pressure of mainstream education.

With a small staff of 5, and only 10 students, there is a very close-knit relationship between the two, which creates a more comfortable and understanding learning environment.

Students who attend Te Ara are still enrolled at their former high school, or “mother schools” for the duration of their time at Te Ara.

This allows them, when ready,  to slowly transition back into their mainstream high school.

Lottie Butcher,  Head of English at Te Ara, says it’s amazing to see the students come to the school and quickly gain back their confidence.

“We have students arrive from mainstream school in year 11 who have no credits and are really down on themselves. In a really short amount of time they might gain 5 credits and that can be all it takes to spark that engagement,” she says.

Mrs Butcher says because they are a small environment they have the luxury of being able to offer one on one care.

She  says students get lots of praise and really start to make a lot of progress, not just in gaining credits and learning, but in their self-esteem and other aspects of their lives as well.

“Some students get forgotten, and that’s the reason they come here. They might have anxiety or other issues where perhaps they are quiet in class and maybe the teachers look past them,” she says.

“It’s really good to have those students come here and nurture them and give them more attention than perhaps they might get in mainstream, and watch them develop and mature.”

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