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Mobile eating may not be such a green idea

Jul 1st, 2016 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News



Nury Olivares’ South American food cart runs on electricity.

A warning about the hazards of food trucks has arrived and Wellingtonians may have to re-think the trend.


Professor Ralph Chapman.

Professor Ralph Chapman, Director of the graduate programme in environmental studies at Victoria, says both diesel engines and generators – which the majority of food trucks are equipped with – produce a range of hazardous pollutants.

Chief among these is diffused carbon monoxide, which Chapman says is a diffused poison and could even be fatal in large doses.

“Of course, any fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide as well, which is a global air pollutant,” says Chapman.

Comparing food trucks to the city’s cafes and restaurants, Professor Chapman says they are less eco-friendly.

He says local vendors should put more ecological systems in place, such as replacing generators and diesel engines with electricity.

Some Wellington food truck owners have already begun this process.

South American food cart owner Nury Olivares is one of several vendors taking steps towards becoming greener.

“I use electricity for all my appliances and lights, and I’ve started using more power-saving bulbs as well,” she says.

However she does agree there is more she could do.

“I haven’t got any generators in here, all of (the appliances) run on electricity, but the cart itself – I have to tow it with my van.”








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