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Saturday, 27 April 2019 03:54 am

Erskine College revamp may add 1000 traffic movements daily


Erskinelead 532

Erskine Collage building which will be demolished in site development.

A potential 1000 extra vehicle movements a day has residents of Avon Street in Island Bay worried.

The traffic would arise from the development of historic Erskine College into residential units.

The proposal for 96 housing units was presented to a meeting of the Island Bay Residents Association on Monday night.

Speaking at the meeting, Avon Street resident Don McKenzie described the street as narrow and “near impossible to park”.

Other residents described how easily the street becomes completely blocked by badly parked cars.

“It’s complete mayhem as it is,” said one speaker.

Developer Ian Cassels said not all new residents might have a car.


An artists impression of the Island Bay development.

Island Bay has one of the best public transport services in Wellington and two communal cars would be available in the development he said.

“The car is no longer the thing everyone needs to have, ” Mr Cassels said

The reaction from the meeting was sceptical.

An impromptu show of hands indicated that of the 60 people at the meeting about  three-quarters had at least one car, and comment was made that “this is fairly typical of Island Bay”.

A woman asked if the project would be viable with less than 96 units, because having less units would reduce the number of cars needing to use the roads.

“No it isn’t,” Mr Cassels said.

He invited the residents of Avon Street to come into his office to discuss how traffic could best be managed in the area.

Residents also voiced concerns about the effects of a potential five-year construction period.

The development  has a budget of $30 million and residents queried if it was sufficient to remove the old school buildings, restore the chapel, and build the 96 housing units.

Mr Cassels said the company has done its research and was confident of its budget.

The Erskine Development resource consent application  has been lodged on the Wellington City Council website.

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