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Creativity and technology blend at Kelburn Normal School

Sep 5th, 2016 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, News

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The introduction of new devices at Kelburn Normal School means it won’t just be pupils facing a challenging learning environment.

Deputy Principal Charles Bisley says teachers often have to learn to use new technology and he sees nothing wrong with a teacher learning from a child.

Successful fundraising by the school’s Parent Teachers Association means they can now buy 10 iPads and 25 Chromebooks which will soon be in use.

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Kelburn Normal School Principal Charles Bisley.

Mr Bisley says having devices available to all students was a priority in feedback he received from parents.

“The school community decided they would rather fundraise and have these commonly available than kind of distinguish between those children who could afford one and those that couldn’t.”

During ongoing meetings with parents concerns were raised about introducing more technology in the classroom.

“Parents who want us to emphasize the traditional ways of learning such as writing with pen and paper, all the way through to parents who think that all digital is the way of the future,” Mr Bisley says.

But despite embracing the new technology, the Principal emphasises the online environment isn’t exclusively the future.

Kelburn Normal School is an art school that focuses on learning and being creative through the senses, he says.

Despite moves by the government to allow children to enrol in online schools, the Kelburn Normal principal thinks his school will continue to create a social learning environment.

Giving students the chance to write and structure their own stage productions gives them a sense of empowerment and is a great way to get kids involved, Mr Bisley says.

“For children it’s all about getting together and doing projects, social learning is highly important and what we find from our research projects is that the blended environment is by far the best,” he says.


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