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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 03:51 am

Martinborough Courthouse transformed into mighty Menz Shed

Sep 16th, 2016 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Founding shed members Richard Tennant (left) and Derek Wilson

Founding members Richard Tennant (left) and Derek Wilson at the Menz Shed

Seventy Martinborough men have renovated the town’s former courthouse, transforming it into a ‘Menz Shed’.

The Martinborough Menz Shed is the fourth to open in the region in the last seven years, bringing skills and DIY projects out of back sheds and into the community.

The historic building has become a social place for retired men to go, work on projects and socialise, says manager Richard Tennant.

“It’s just good having something to do instead of wandering around home looking for things to do and getting bored stiff,” Richard says.

Martinborough Menz Shed signThe shed isn’t just for men wanting a space to work on projects or fix things, it’s become the central meeting place for men to go.

“Some men just come to have a talk, have a cup of coffee. Some just come for a cup of coffee,” said Richard.

While membership is exclusively male, the women of the community are also enjoying the benefits of the shed, according to shed member Derek Wilson.

“My wife said it’s the best thing to come to Martinborough as it gets me out from under her feet,” Derek says.

Richard’s wife is also happy.

“My wife is into everything and is always away on one of her bus trips but feels guilty when I’m stuck at home all day with nothing to do.

“Now she can do her thing and I can do mine.”

The council-owned building has been leased to the charitable organisation for 10 years and renovations on the interior have been completed creating an open plan work space.

Once the shed is fully operational, there are plans to run a series of workshops with invited speakers coming along to teach new skills to members.

“The other sheds in the region have speakers coming along all the time giving talks on all sorts of things,” Derek says.

“I went up to the Masterton shed one day and there was a women taking a class of nine men cooking chicken chow mien or something.

“She was actually showing them how to cook.”

The main focus for members right now is to get the oven wired up and kitchen in order.

“When it’s smoko time, we want to have a fresh batch of scones coming out of the oven,” said Richard.


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