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Friday, 14 December 2018 02:50 pm

Porirua College’s first new principal in 20 years welcomed



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Principal Ragne Maxwell giving her speech at the powhiri. Image supplied

Porirua College’s new principal Ragne Maxwell was welcomed with a powhiri today – its first new boss in 20 years.

Ms Maxwell who previously taught at Kapiti College will be starting her new role in term four later this year.

She replaces the retiring Susanne Jungerson.

The search for their new principal began in term 2 where a panel of students, teachers and Board of Trustees members interviewed potential candidates for the job.

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Deputy Principal Chris Wood

Deputy Principal, Chris Wood says they narrowed down their list to the top candidates who showed good leadership, good decision making and a willingness to learn about the community.

“We interviewed three different people some of them were principals, some of them were deputy principal there was a lot more who applied, but that was the short list,” says Mr Wood.

Mr Wood says they wanted someone who was able to build on what they have already achieved so far within Porirua College.

“I don’t think it’s about major change, it’s about just keeping and guiding things in the right direction and building on what’s already there.”

Porirua College has come a long way during Ms Jungerson’s 20 year period as principal, so Mr Wood says they were looking for someone who was capable of continuing that growth.

“It’s about bringing their own flavour to it and bringing their own personality and their own experience of what they think works well and then applying it to P.C.

“Also building on what’s already here because there’s already loads of really good stuff and lots of success,” says Mr Wood.

The interview process was not an easy task because the panel found it difficult to separate the three candidates.

“It’s never that simple especially because it’s such an important position.”

They were also given advice from the Ministry of Education on how to run the process and to ensure the person they pick at the end is fit for the job.

“We had to be really sure that we followed a really good process that was really robust,” he says.

Students were also given the opportunity to voice their opinions on what kind of person they want running Porirua College for the next couple of years.

“Basically the students had the same level of voice as the teachers, they had the same opportunity to say what they thought and what qualities they were looking for and which candidate showed those qualities.”

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