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Friday, 26 April 2019 05:44 am

Production growing out of imaginations of Brooklyn kids

Brooklyn Primary 650

Brooklyn Primary School.

Brooklyn Primary School is doing a production but no-one knows exactly what it is yet.

This year’s production was being workshopped by students and staff.Liz Rhodes Rightcolimage

“Culture: past, present and future is an underlying theme,” says principal Liz Rhodes (right).

The Olympics is a prominent element and dance is being used to weave together the themes.

Footsteps Dance Company had come in to teach theatre sessions on Mondays.

The entire school was taking part, making a total cast of about 340.

Each age syndicate is producing its own dance section, which will then be drawn together by a group of lead actors.

The production will be performed at the Wellington High School auditorium on September 21 and 22.

“It’s a great venue,” said Ms Rhodes.

Footsteps Dance Company spokesperson Kate Cummings says it is fabulous working with the kids.

“We gave them some ideas and they could use some of our content on their own.

“We were going in for five weeks with each two-year levels at a time.

“A typical session would look almost like we’re doing a show but we’re not, we’re instructing and that process happens for 45 minutes,” she says.

Ms Cummings says the response from the kids has been quick.

“The week after we finished they came back to show us they knew the whole thing.

“That was really amazing,” she says.

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