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Friday, 14 December 2018 02:50 pm

Smash and grab at Wellington charity Dress for Success

Volunteers are cleaning up after a Wellington non-profit was burgled and vandalised on Tuesday night.

The second-floor office of Dress for Success on Boulcott Street was broken into and cash, jewellery, and electronics were stolen.

The organisation provides free clothing and advice to women looking for work.

President of Dress for Success, Jane Fanselow-Price, says the burglars broke things and made a mess in the office.

“It’s been a lot of work that the volunteers have been doing today to get the place cleaned up, you know, broken mirrors, broken equipment, broken stuff.”

The value of what was taken is not known, but Ms Fanselow-Price estimates it will be a few thousand dollars.

Dress for Success is a charity that relies on clothing and financial donations, and the work of volunteers says Ms Fanselow-Price.

“Burglaries like this affect not just the women we help in the community. It’s our volunteers as well. They feel personally insulted by it,” she says.

Dress for Success will look to replace what was stolen, but the burglary isn’t expected to disrupt their service for more than the one day it took to clean-up.

“Our volunteers are wonderful and a lot of them have actually come in to sort the office and help get everything back up and running. We can’t not be available for people who need us,” Ms Fanselow-Price says.

Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector Jo Goodhew had recently visited the Dress for Success office.

Minister Goodhew, called Dress for Success on Wednesday to offer her sympathy and support following the burglary.

“The fact that she took the time to ring I think is terrific” says Ms Fanselow-Price.

“The volunteers will be really appreciative of that.”

Donated Pandora jewellery, which is used as a gift for women who successfully find work, was among the items taken.

Police are investigating the burglary.

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