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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 12:00 am

President Trump reality dawns on US and world

Nov 9th, 2016 | By | Category: Lead Story


Donald Trump the next president of the United States of America

7.55pm – Pennsylvania is being declared for Donald Trump and with it the presidential election.

He has also picked up Alaska.8080

Outlets that are being more conservative have him at 267 votes, but with Trump leads in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the race is effectively over.

He turned over states that were expected to go for Clinton such as North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

The exact reasons for this win, which looked entirely impossible a year ago, will be hashed out over the coming days and weeks, but the final message of this election appears to be a rejection of the American political establishment and the country elects a man who has never before held elected office.

That will also be it for our rolling coverage here on Newswire.

There will be more stories on the site to wrap up our coverage, like this report from the Democrats Abroad watch party on Cuba St, and a look at the financial turmoil this result has caused.

Thanks for joining us.


All polls closed

7.15pm –  With voting in Alaska finishing at 7pm NZ time, we are now just waiting for the final results to roll in.

We called Wisconsin for Trump in response to a couple of major American news networks doing the same thing, but it is one of the significant states that most outlets still have listed as too close to call.

New Hampshire is separated by fewer than 100 votes and will probably go to a recount, which wouldn’t usually be significant, but in the current situation every electoral college vote is vital.

The Republican Party has definitely retained control of the House of Representatives, though the New York Times still project them to lose seats to the Democrats.

The Senate is finely poised, currently 47-48 in favour of the Republicans, with five races still to be called.

America awaits final swing states

6.30pm – Hilary Clinton has won Nevada, and gains 6 votes.

But a win for Trump in any of Arizona, Michigan, or Pennsylvania will all but make him the next president.

But the close race has been good news for some on the other side of the Atlantic, with betting set to break records in the UK.

And here in NZ, Secretary of State and 2004 Democrat nominee John Kerry has arrived for a visit with Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Prime Minister John Key.

Trump clear favourite after Wisconsin victory

5.40pm – Donald Trump looks set to become the next President of the United States of America after he won Georgia and Wisconsin.

The 26 electoral college votes combined in those states takes him to 232 votes, with Clinton on 209 after she won Washington.

She will now need to win almost all of the remaining states to have a chance to win.

Trump wins Florida by a few thousand

5.10pm – According to Al Jezeera Donald Trump has picked up Florida, the country’s biggest swing state, awarding 29 electoral college votes.

The last time Florida was this close was 2000, which ended with the state’s results going to the Supreme Court.flag-28568_960_720

He has also won Idaho and it’s four votes.

However, Clinton has won the biggest state, California, and it’s 55 votes.

She has also won Hawaii and it’s 4 votes.

Trump now leads 201 to 190.

The most decisive states now may be Michigan and Wisconsin.

Whichever candidate wins, the first person to announce the winner officially will be Denise Roth from the little-known General Services Administration.

One of the more interesting stories of the election has been independent candidate Evan McMullin, who has a chance to win Utah, where polls closed about an hour ago.

However Brigham Young University’s Utah exit poll has him trailing both Trump and Clinton. 


Clinton picks up Virignia and Colorado

Hilary Clinton has victories in two must-win states for her,Virginia, the home of Vice-Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine, and Colorado.

The 13 and 9 votes awarded respectively by those states take her to 131 electoral college votes, Trump is still 168.


Trump wins Ohio in first big swing state

4.30pm – Donald Trump has won Ohio, picking up 18 more electoral votes.

Along with a win in Missouri, he goes to 168.

The winner of Ohio has won every election since 1960.

This makes North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia must-wins for Hilary Clinton.

The 48 votes in those states, combined with the 74 likely Democrat votes on the west coast will take her close to the 270 needed to win.

After a campaign fraught with racial tension, the big news out of Minnesota is they have elected the country’s first ever Somali-American lawmaker.

Obama is also reminding the country that “the sun will rise in the morning.”


Markets fall on back of strong Trump showing

3.45pm – Trump’s early lead has shaken financial markets around the world, including in New Zealand.

The Mexican peso is unsurprisingly one of the currencies affected.

Trump now leads 137-104 after taking Arkansas (6 votes) and Louisiana (8), but Clinton picked up Connecticut (7) in the last half hour.

Many significant states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are still too close to call.

Trump takes Texas, House to stay Republican

3.10 pm – Trump has won the Texas and its 38 electoral college votes.

He has also taken Alabama (9 votes), Kansas (6 votes), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Tennessee (11), Wyoming (3), and the three district precincts of Nebraska.

That takes him to 123. trump-400x400

Clinton has won New York (29), the home state of both candidates Illinois (20) and tiny Rhode Island (4).

Republicans have also been projected to take the House, but Democrats may make a small gain on their 2014 performance.

FiveThirtyEight are giving Republicans a 69% chance to retain control of the Senate, meaning a President Clinton would face many of the same challenges that have plagued President Obama, but a President Trump would have little trouble implementing his policies.

On Newswire we’re tracking what celebrities are saying about election night, and we met with New Zealand’s leading Trump impersonator, Alexander Sparrow.

Race tightens with results called in several states.

2.15pm –  Several states have been called by the major American news networks in the last few minutes.

Oklahoma (7 votes), Mississippi (6), South Carolina (9), and Tennessee (11) have gone to Trump,taking him to 51 votes, but Washington DC (3), Delaware (3), New Jersey (14), Massachusetts (11), and Maryland (10) have gone to Clinton, who now has 44.

Several senate races have also been called, Democrats now have 39 seats to the Republicans 34, with 27 races still to come.

The House is looking like it will stay in Republican hands.

Florida is currently close to call, but a key city in this election is Philadelphia, where a strong turnout for Clinton could secure her the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Vox ran an “Emotion Tracker’, which suggests the biggest emotion being felt about the election is “anxious.”


Clinton could probably have won Wellington

1.45pm – While  Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump watch the results come in at parties only a block apart, Wellingtonians are also watching closely.

Democrats Abroad are holding an event, and a Newswire poll suggests Clinton is by far the more popular candidate on Cuba St.

West Virginia is widely being called for Trump, giving him another 5 electoral votes.

He now leads 24-3.760px-flag_of_west_virginia-svg

The key states of North Carolina and Ohio just ended voting, except for a few counties in North Carolina where voting has been extended by two hours after voting machines failed.

North Carolina is vital for Trump as a Clinton win could all but block his path unless there are some surprise results elsewhere.

It is also being reported that one person has died after the earlier shooting at a California polling station.


Trump wins Kentucky and Indiana, Clinton Vermont.

1.15pm – The first states have been called.

Al Jazeera, CNN, and MSNBC have called Kentucky (8 electoral college votes) and Indiana (11 votes) for Trump, and Vermont (3 votes) for Clinton.

These were straightforward wins for both candidates, with Kentucky a fairly conservative state, Vermont the liberal home of Bernie Sanders, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate.

One of the parts of Kentucky to vote for Trump is Elliot county, which had voted for the Democrat candidate in every election since it was created in 1869.

Exit polls are suggesting Georgia may be closer than polls suggested.

The peach state swung between the two candidates at points, though seemed to be going Trumps way, but early exit polls are neck and neck.

Senate contests are also being decided, with the Republican incumbents winning in Kentucky and South Carolina, and the lesser-known Democrat Senator from Vermont Patrick Leahy, projected to win.

Shots fired at California polling station

12.45pm – It is being reported that shots have been fired at a polling station in Asuza, California.

Asuza is part of the greater Los Angeles area.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump both cast their votes earlier today, as did President George W. Bush, who conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh claimed voted for Clinton, however The Hill is reporting that both Bush and his wife Laura did not vote for president at all, leaving that section of their ballots blank.

Meanwhile, Fortune is reporting that both Donald Trump and his son Eric both tried to peek at their wives’ ballots.

In some early good news for Clinton in the key of state of Florida, Slate’s turnout tracker is projecting a win for her in a huge turnout for the sunshine state.




First states to complete their voting are swing states

12pm – The first states to complete voting will be North Carolina and Ohio at around 1.30pm NZ time, and both are key swing states, one looking like going for Clinton and the other for Trump.categoryimagedonhill

We should get the first exit poll results around then, but it already looks like Clinton is doing worse in North Carolina than President Obama did four years ago.

2pm is the busiest time, with 20 states closing their polls.

In the past it has been clear who will win by around 5pm, but this election may be too close to call until much later in the evening.

If you want a good breakdown of which states to watch FiveThirtyEight has you covered.

They also have guides to the Senate and House races.

On the more partisan side of things, right-wing news site Breitbart are reporting Trump’s victories in the tiny New Hampshire towns that voted at midnight, and the fact a pollster that correctly predicted Brexit has Trump winning.

Left-leaning Jezebel are running a list of all the ways they’ve described Donald Trump during the campaign and celebrating 100 years since the first American woman was elected to national political office.

Here on Newswire we’ve got an American Election 101, rolling coverage of how the New Zealand media is reporting the election, and a look back at some of the best tweets of the campaign.

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