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Sunday, 24 March 2019 10:56 am

Blind leading the blind to the White House


Murdock the blind polydactyl cat rescued by the Wellington SPCA.

Choosing a winner can be a matter of scientific analysis, in-depth research or putting ones trust in the animal kingdom.

Animals have been used to predict the winners of the Superbowl, the football and rugby world cups and the Olympics for years.


Football fan Paul the octopus

Most famous of the animal oracles is Paul the Octopus who began picking football world cup winners in 2008 and gained worldwide attention with his accuracy in the 2010 competition.

But let’s not forget about Nancy and Twelve, Galapagos turtles at Dallas Zoo or Teddy the porcupine from Texas Zooniversity who picked the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl 50.

What about picking the next President of the United States?

New Zealand is a long way from America but Murdock the blind SPCA rescue cat has put his paw into the ring of animal oracles to predict who will win the 2016 US Election.


Murdock was in terrible condition when found

Murdock was rescued as a small kitten by the Wellington SPCA and was in a terrible state.

After an operation to remove what remained of his infected eyes Murdock was eventually adopted out with his foster care buddy Mabel.

With no eyes, Murdock doesn’t judge people on their appearance or their gender so he’s the perfect choice for this particular election.

The Murdock Poll will take place each day for seven days as he picks his candidate of the day leading to an overall winner of the presidential race.

Who comes out on top will remain to be seen but a blind cat in Wellington has about as much chance of predicting the winner as anyone else in this election like no other.

Meanwhile in the human realm many are looking to Professor Allan Lichtman who has a system of true or false questions he calls ‘The Keys to the White House’ according to an interview with Washington Post.

“I derived the system by looking at every American presidential election from 1860 to 1980, and have since used the system to correctly predict the outcomes of all eight American presidential elections from 1984 to 2012,” says Lichtman.

Based on his system Lichtman is picking Donald Trump to be the next President.






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