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Friday, 22 March 2019 08:19 pm

Donald Trump spotted in Wellington

Upper Hutt’s own Donald Trump impersonator is bringing the US presidency, and media, to New Zealand.

Writer/ performer Alexander Sparrow (23) will be showcasing his political satire The President all over New Zealand this month.


Alexander Sparrow,23, Upper Hutt.

“Trump came up as a potential Republican candidate. I decided to focus my show entirely on him,” says Sparrow.

The President is Sparrows first time trying his hand at political satire.

“It’s really paid off because people know who the character is, I can get right into the more complex bizarre material straight away,” says Sparrow.

Sparrow was expecting some media attention when pitching The president to venues, but describes the level it received as insane.

His Donald Trump impersonation has been on major New Zealand news stations and has received international attention as far away as the Wall Street Journal.

“The amount of media interest has blown up way more than I ever thought,” says Sparrow

Sparrow says he has a rule that he usually writes material that he will be able to continue to perform for future years, but he doesn’t think he’ll be able to perform the The President again.

“Unless he wins. Then I’ll have bookings for the rest of my life.”

Sparrow tries not to get too far into the “political stuff”, having his own opinions but keeping it separate from his performances, however he doesn’t think that either Clinton or Trump are good options.

“I don’t think Trump is a great person. I don’t think he sees other people as people. Hillary has political experience and could lead. But I think the fact that so few people trust either of them is quite a sad fact,” says Sparrow.

Alexander Sparrow has also recently won Best Actor and Best Director for his show New Tricks in the Short and Sweet festival at Bats Theater last month.

Look out for his name and shows in the New Zealand Fringe Festival early next year.

‘The President’ has an encore showing at Bats Theater tomorrow night.

Alexander Sparrow’s website:

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