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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 09:56 pm

New US Elections: How the world is watching

Nov 10th, 2016 | By | Category: Latest News, News

Welcome to the US Elections: How the world is watching. ANGELA REID and PATRICK FRENCH are updating readers with how news websites from all over the world are covering the event.

Clinton should have won nearly two hours ago, says polling expert


6:30 The fact that Hillary Clinton has not won yet does not bode well for her, according to a Canadian polling expert.

A message posted on Canada’s CBC blog by the news-agency’s poll analyst, Eric Grenier, says:

“Mapping out how the polls suggested the night would unfold put Clinton over the mark of 270 electoral college votes at 11 p.m. ET [5 p.m NZ time] with the help of California, Oregon and Washington.

“Instead, Clinton is not reaching that 270-vote mark.”

The cause, Grenier says, is the mid-western states.

“Ohio, Florida and North Carolina were always going to be toss-ups. But with Michigan and Wisconsin still leaning towards Donald Trump, that puts him on track for the magic 270 number rather than Clinton.

“If the Democratic nominee was not winning at 11 p.m. ET, we were always going to be on track for a late night and a close result or a Trump victory.”

Record low for peso, stocks

independent5:30 “The vote is looking good for Mr Trump so far…and it’s looking bad for the markets,” says one UK news website.

The Independent reports a record low for the Mexican peso, while Tokyo’s Nikkei, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, and South Korea’s Kospi indexes have also fallen.

Earlier this afternoon, the Independent reported City Index’s Kathleen Brooks’ prediction that polling in the key state of Florida could sway the markets, which were “very jittery” and “getting nervous every time that Trump looks like he is gaining on Clinton.”

“The outlook for risk for the rest of election night will be dependent on a few states, including Ohio – too close to call right now, Florida and PA [Pennsylvania].”

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald reports the narrow race is causing a heavy sell-off of Australian shares and other risk assets, but gold is soaring in an “extremely volatile session.”

Executive director of Australia’s Peak Asset Management, Niv Dagan, told the SMH earlier:

“Markets are pricing in a Clinton victory so any hint of Trump gaining the upper hand and you are going to see a huge amount of volatility.

“There’s going to be some choppy trading.”

No respite for Middle Eastern conflicts

aljazeera4:30pm America’s next president will continue the country’s legacy of interfering in Middle Eastern conflicts, an expert has told Aljazeera.

Harvard University international affairs professor, Stephen Walt, told the Middle Eastern news website that outgoing president Barack Obama’s Middle Eastern legacy was one of “near-total failure.”

Walt said Obama’s only success came last year, with a deal that contained Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for lifting sanctions.

“A two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians is further away than ever. Intervention in Libya and Yemen produced a failed state. Insisting that ‘Assad must go’ and backing other forms of intervention made the Syrian civil war worse.

“I believe Clinton will follow a similar policy to Obama’s, although she will try to look and sound tougher in doing it.

“The main risk she faces is a slippery slope, whereby limited intervention in Syria or elsewhere gradually expands.

“With Trump, we have no idea whatsoever what he will do, and neither does he.”

No major effect for Chinese yuan

chinadaily4:00pm Chinadaily says the US election result is unlikely to have a major effect on China’s exchange rate.

The website says the Chinese yuan fell for a third consecutive day on Tuesday, while the US dollar strengthened during the build-up to Election Day.

It said the yuan’s central parity rate, which is set by the country’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, dropped by 92 base points to 6.78 against the dollar on Tuesday.

“The rising dollar is a major contributor to the weakening yuan in the short term,” said Liu Dongliang, senior analyst at China Merchants Securities.

“In the middle and long term, however, the yuan’s rate will move in accordance with changes in China’s economic and financial fundamentals and will not have much to do with the US election results, analysts said.” quoted economist Zhang Huanbo, of the China Centre for International Economic Exhanges, who said that while both US presidential nominees had criticised China, there would be no fundamental change in economic and trade relations between the two countries once the new President is found.

Irish Times prepare readers with recipes

irish-times3:00pm The Irish Times is preparing its election-following readers for a long night ahead with themed recipes for cocktails and TV snacks.

“Polling stations close at 7pm eastern time (midnight in Ireland) and there will be buckets of fried chicken passed around millions of American homes this evening, as the exit polls are analysed and the future of the nation is chewed over.

“Irish bystanders can feel part of the action by rustling up a midnight snack of fried chicken.”

The Dublin-based website provides recipes for other American favourites like chilli beef and chocolate chip cookies.

“When a quick burst of energy is required, sugar can provide an effective, if shortlived and not very healthy, response.

“What could be more American than a good old chocolate chip cookie, and a batch of these, still warm from the oven, could keep weary eyes open a little longer in the early hours.”

Recipes for cocktails called ‘The Donald’ and ‘Hillary’s Dirty Little Secret’ round-out the Irish Times collection.

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