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Friday, 19 April 2019 08:15 pm

Our man on the ground in Los Angeles – Leon Gurevitch

Kiwi Associate Professor Leon Gurevitch from Victoria University is in Los Angeles taking in the US Presidential Election. He is connecting with NewsWire’s MARGOT NEAS for readers to follow his day by sound, words, photos and video.

5.27pm Discussion seems to be switching over to what kind of President Trump will be.

4.40pm 20 minutes to go before the polls close in California. Leon drops by Barnies Beanery where people have gathered to watch the final outcome.

People rejoiced when the state of  Virginia was declared to be Hillary’s but the overall feeling remains sombre and uncomfortable.


4.25pm Polls close in California at 8pm…people are gathering to watch what will happen.

4.03pm People just burst into applause at the Independence Bar in Santa Monica as Hillary took the lead in Virginia.

Up until then, the mood in the bar had been one of quiet concern.

People are saying “he isn’t really going to do it is he?”


3pm Leon and friends have met at the Independence Bar in Santa Monica. Patrons watch the big screen nervously as they wait for the outcome in Florida. Many of the people there are surprised Trump is doing so well.










2pm Leon visits a polling booth on Butler Avenue but is denied entry by fire officer Renauld Akerman because of security concerns after a man was shot dead at another polling booth earlier today. Fire Officer Renauld Akerman of LAFD Firestation 59.


A voter heading towards polling booth in Los Angeles















11.05am Leon kicks off his coverage by talking to Uber driver Sam Jayah on the eve of the US Election about Donald Trumps plan to erect a wall if elected.















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