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Tuesday, 23 April 2019 09:55 pm

Quake felt across New Zealand


South of Kaikoura coastline. Photo source: Canterbury Weather Updates facebook- Unknown

The magnitude 7.5 earthquake felt across the county brought back vivid memories for some and for others it was their first ever quake.

Christchurch residents Dean and Vikki Stevenson were in Kaikoura when the quake happened.

They were evacuated and spent the night up a hill sleeping in their car with no power or mobile reception, while their families anxiously waited to hear from them that they were ok.


Vikki Stevenson (left) and daughter Hannah Kendrew

At 6:30am they were finally able to get a message out advising they were alive and well, even managing to joke about portaloos bringing back memories of Christchurch days.

While they are eager to get home, they are unable to as the road out of Kaikoura has large rocks blocking it, Vikki said.

“Water is for drinking only, we have to save food for three days, supplies won’t arrive until tomorrow and the marae will become a welfare centre,” Vikki said.

Vikki’s daughter Hannah Kendrew (23) was woken as she slept upstairs in her Halswell house she shares with her husband, brother-in-law Caleb and dog Missy.

“I text my friends and family but couldn’t get hold of my mum and then I saw on Facebook that a Tsunami warning was out for Kaikoura; my mum was in Kaikoura and I couldn’t get hold of her.

“I was up most of the night thinking the worst because she hadn’t replied back to me,” Hannah said.

After falling asleep at 3am she woke at 6:30am to a missed call from her mum saying they were ok.

“People are re-living their experiences and they are not the good ones. Today is a different type of day, today we remember what we went through in the past earthquakes,” Hannah said.

A tsunami threat had Nicola Earle and her family on alert.

Nicola and her son Jayden got up, got dressed, grabbed the dog and then double-checked the Civil Defence website which indicated only those within 1km of the beach needed to evacuate.

“The sirens when off all morning and I think I got back to sleep about 5:30am, only to wake up to construction workers at 7am digging,” Nicola said.

Lis Stevenson also in Christchurch’s eastern suburbs wasn’t too worried initially, having been through many of earthquakes.

“When the shaking didn’t stop I got up out of bed and then started to panic as I thought the Alpine Fault had ruptured,” Lis said.


300 books came crashing down at Sarah Dillon’s

Describing the rolling motion of the quake like being at sea, Lis wasn’t sure whether to leave her home or not, until the Tsunami siren sounded.

Lis and her children along with her two cats headed to a friend’s house where they spent the rest of the morning listening to the news.

With the sirens still blaring Lis went to Waitakiri School to meet the anticipated 50 children for the before-school-care but only 11 turned up.

Sarah Walker who works for the Salvation Army in Nelson said it was pretty scary and the shakes felt very big.

The local family store was shut today because of damage to stock.

“I’m working mostly from home because our building moves a lot with quakes,” Sarah said.


Raechel experienced her first ever earthquake

Hamilton-based Raechel Popping (21) felt her first earthquake and didn’t know what was happening as the Christmas tree fell over taking a few things with it and dvds fell off the shelves.

“I thought It was in my head to start with then I noticed the light swinging and the Christmas tree falling and I was kind of relieved because I thought I was having a stroke or something,” Raechel said.

Earthquakes don’t usually bother Sarah Dillion, Te Aro, but this one had her out of bed almost right away.

“I just knew it felt bigger and on a second storey eveything felt like it was sliding and shifting in such a pronounced way,” Sarah said.

“The bonus of apartment living is the people going door-to-door and offering cups of tea – the classic community feel,” Sarah said.

She didn’t have any major damage but a tipped bookcase in the lounge with 300 books to sort and restack will keep Sarah busy today as she keeps up-to-date via the radio.

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