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Should we be taking the U.S elections seriously?

Nov 8th, 2016 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


Who will be the next president for one of the world’s most influential countries. Photo: Maps of the

The 2016 US elections has amused and shocked the world, from Donald Trump‘s locker room talk to Hillary Clinton’s not-so-secret emails.

With all this drama going on, NewsWire decided to ask the question: Should the election be taken seriously?

Nesi Masila says we should take it serious because the presidency is influential.

“President for the USA is a powerful position that can affect the world globally,” says the Victoria University student.

Leadership in such countries can affect everyone in indirect and subtle, yet powerful, ways, according to Waikato University student, Malia Tuamoheloa.

“Its effect on the rest of the world is countless. From economics to pop culture,” she says.

Whoever is elected will contribute to how the world is shaped for the next four years, Malia says.

“Even though none of them are ideal and perfect it can’t be avoided,” she says.

America and New Zealand have a big trade association so having the U.S become the joke of the world will not play out well, says.

“Since we have ties to them…. it will definitely affect us.”


Students weighing in on the importance of the U.S elections – Tracey Wong, Emily Falloon and Estelle Best

Trade and nuclear issues concerned students Estelle Best, Tracey Wong and Emily Falloon.

Student Estelle Best says she hopes Hillary will be elected President because her policies will have a better outcome not only for America but also countries across the globe.

“The policies that come out of America and the laws that are in place over there whether we like it or not does inform how countries act.”

“Also he [Trump] will have nuclear codes. That’s pretty scary,” she says.

Tracey agreed that the connected world make international relationships are important.

Emily says America could become a laughing stock.

“It’s going to damage America’s ability to function severely especially on the world stage.

“People won’t take America as seriously therefore all our defence pacts with them may not mean as much in other places.”

Emily says if Trump does get elected president his influence on the world will be limited by the U.S political system.

“The Congress and the Senate will actually try and limit his influence.”

“He will be an embarrassing four-year blip that will drastically reduce America’s status and reputation on the world wide stage,” she says.

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