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Comedian Alexander Sparrow isn’t hanging up his Trump wig just yet

Dec 5th, 2016 | By | Category: Latest News, News


Wrter/ performer Alexander Sparrow show’s off his best Trump face.

Trump’s victory tour of New Zealand is over, but Wellington comedian Alexander Sparrow is not hanging up his wig just yet.

Sparrow’s show The President has run through the North and South islands.

“The tour was amazing, we visited different places I’d never been able to perform in, like Auckland, Hamilton and Timaru,” Sparrow says.

His largest show was in Picton.

“I enjoyed performing at all the places the show stopped, but the standout was performing to a group of 13 to 15 year old boys from Timaru High School.”

While Sparrow is pleased with the praise The President received, he says he is conflicted about the results of the US election, because either option was no good.

“I think the response to Trump’s victory has been worse than it would have been if Hillary had won, but a small selfish part of me is happy because it means more work.”

With the election over, Sparrow is planning on retiring his show but he definitely isn’t hanging up the Trump wig yet.

“I’m planning on writing a show for next year, and possibly a show for each year, assuming he doesn’t get assassinated,” Sparrow says.

“I want to keep developing trump’s character.”

When asked if he was planning on doing a John Key themed show in response to the Prime Minister’s retirement, Sparrow said he doesn’t want to add the John Key jokes.

“I think that the president was a success because it was about US politics, and the distance removes us from it all, I’m not sure if jokes at John Key’s expense would go down so well,” Sparrow says

“If I was going to do a show based on New Zealand politics I’d do it on Winston Peters.”

Sparrow says political satire isn’t really his thing and he finds the success of The President pretty entertaining.

To find out more about Alexander and his other shows see the link below.

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