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Friday, 19 April 2019 02:28 pm

WATCH: Professional women cricket players on the rise.

Cricket is quickly becoming a realistic and rewarding career path for female players.

The 23–year-old Wellington Blaze batswoman, Suzie McDonald, who comes from a cricket loving family, says she will finally have the chance to play cricket all year round.

With the revamp of the women’s game, Suzie says the re-shaping the womens opinion of the game has helped increase the numbers.

“England and Australia have pumped a lot money into their womens cricket,” she says.

The money and advertising has helped.

The Wellington Blaze has become a great example for younger females who are interested in cricket and Suzie says she hopes others will hopefully give the sport a go.

“Just going out and getting a few of your mates along and having a good time and then it’d be easier to train and things like that if you’re actually enjoying it.”

Suzie has been playing for 18 years and says seeking girls at an earlier age will help guarantee no girls are overlooked.

“I think most of the girls would say they played two to three sports through college and then it’s that age where you kind of have to pick one or the other and for me it was just cricket or football and I had more friends with cricket.

“It’s actually not that hard.

“Quite a few girls are getting missed through that sort of school age and if we kind of show them the skills and get them involved they’ll probably stick with it,” she says.

Suzie says in the past young girls only trained for the love of the sport but never really thought of it as career.

She hopes the increase of professional female cricket players will motivate younger players to continue playing cricket.

“Before it was just a training out of love for the game whereas now you can make it high enough you can get paid to play which is kind of inspirational for the girls,” she says.

With Australia’s Big Bash League also becoming a huge success Suzie says this has given them more of an opportunity to play overseas and get more play time.

“It’s that opportunity that we can go to tournaments like Australia’s Big Bash, and England’s just started up their own one as well, so you can always play pretty much all year round,” says Suzie.

The Wellington Blaze’s next big game will be against the Central Hinds at the Bert Sutcliffe Oval on December 27.

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