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Thursday, 21 March 2019 11:27 am

Council opens DIY bike workshop in city

Rob McDougall learning how to fix his son’s bike


A new council funded pop-up bike workshop has opened in Wellington this week, adding to its growing reputation as a cycle-friendly city.

Bike Space is a collaborative project creating a transportable place where people can fix their bikes with staff onsite to provide helpful tips and tricks.

Rob McDougall (left) taking instruction from staff member Arthur

Initiated by Wellington City Council, the project’s budget is $12,000 with initial set-up costs for the purchase of the container.

It’s a partnership with local businesses such as Garage Project who have provided discounted rent for the Marion Street location says council spokesperson Victoria Barton-Chapple.

“We have made a conscious decision to support local contractors with equipment and labour.

“We don’t supply parts so will rely on local bike shops to sell these,” says Barton-Chapple.

Abraham Hollingsworth who is one of five paid staff, worked the site for the first two days and has been pleased with the response so far.

Mechanical Tempest volunteer mechanics are offering ad-hoc volunteer hours where necessary.

Hollingsworth says when someone brings in their bike, he will figure out the problem first and then ideally they can do all the work with his instruction.

All the tools and equipment are supplied

“Sometimes it’s hard to explain and easier to demonstrate and then get them to do that as well,” says Hollingsworth.

Rob McDougall (42), Southgate, came in after seeing a post on Facebook and is impressed with it.

He had purchased a bike from the tip and knew it needed some work so bought the bits and pieces to fix it.

“Having not really worked on pushbikes for a long time it’s great to have someone guide me to do it properly.

“I want to be able to learn so I can keep maintaining our bikes,” says McDougall.

The council see Bike Space as a way to encourage and support people to ride bikes as an affordable mode of transport, and help to reduce congestion and emissions in the city.

Bike Space is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am and will run until March 24 when it may be moved to a new location depending on its success.











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