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Saturday, 20 April 2019 06:10 pm

Collectors, musicians, poets raise money for Rape Crisis

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Rape Crisis fundraisers have been on the streets and tonight the charity heads indoors to Meow for a charity gig.

Poet Hera Lindsay Bird, bands Waterfall and Draghound, and DJ Mongo Skato perform at Meow from 8pm for a $10 cover charge.

An army of purple-bibbed volunteers filled Wellington’s streets yesterday collecting donations for Wellington Rape Crisis annual street appeal.

The non-profit agency is fundraising as it gets minimal funding from government.

It relies on donations and sponsorship to keep their doors open.

In 2012 it had to cut 20% of services due to funding shortages, and in 2014 reported deficits of up to $100,000 a year.

In an interview with Wellington Access Radio, agency manager Kyla Rayner said last year’s appeal raised $46,000 – about the cost of hiring one social worker.

SAPEER MAYRON went out to meet some volunteers and see how the street appeal was coming along.

Volunteers Jane Maltby (26) Mt Cook, and William Fitzgerald say people are always looking for a cause to get behind.

“People just have spare change and they want to give it to. I think most people want to help but don’t always have the time or the skills,” says Jane.

“People have been so generous. You see people who have got like twenty dollars and it’s great,” says William (left)

“I think everyone needs a bit of altruism in them. It makes you happy. If you’re having a bad day and you give a little, it makes you a bit happier as well.”

Law student and volunteer Sonya Worboys (21) Kelburn says it’s the cause that draws people to donate.

“I think it’s quite interesting, you see people walk past and then they don’t give a thought and then they actually realise what your bib says and realize what the cause is and then they go ‘ooh’ and walk back to give you money,” she says (right)

Collectors Lou Hutchinson (45) Johnsonville, and Wai Ho (25) Owhiro Bay, say people may be personally connected to the cause.

“My sense is that when you see someone is going to give it’s like they are set on it,” Lou says (left)

“It makes me wonder if they know a lot about rape and maybe someone’s been affected by it or they have been [affected].”

Wai Ho says the agency’s history makes it well known.

“Wellington Rape Crisis has been around for quite a while and so many people know that this service exists. It could be that they know someone who’s had contact with the service, or they might have had contact themselves,” he says (right)


Agency manager Kyla Rayner (31) from Wellington, who was at her table outside Farmers Lambton Quay since 7:30am, says not carrying cash isn’t a problem.

EFTPOS New Zealand donated an EFTPOS machine to the cause and Kyla estimates about $900 has been raised through that alone.

Volunteer Ryan O’Shea (33) Maupuia raised $300 at work by asking his colleagues to donate directly from their pay.

“People don’t tend to actually carry money on them, but Wellingtonian’s are generally a pretty charitable bunch, pretty socially aware kind of people.” (left)


Kyla says the agency’s fundraising success comes down to its trusted brand.

“I think that because the agency has had such long-staying power and it has built up such a good reputation with its work with survivors that it has become a real part of the community. People just kind of come out and show their support,” she says.

Holly Donald (32) Lyall Bay says she appreciates the opportunity to help out.

“It just feels like a nice thing to do and a nice way to help. I don’t do any other volunteering things so this is a nice easy way to do it and it does make you feel like you’re making a difference. People are really generous,” she says (right)


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