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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 08:54 am

Eclectic combination of arts on stage in ‘Some Kind Of Love’

By Isabella Tollemache

Emmanuel Garcia’s original play Some Kind Of Love is on stage at the capital’s Gryphon Theatre, where the Philadelphian writer and director has combined artistic passions.

“There are a few lines of inspiration,” says Garcia said.

“I’m also a poet and I’ve been writing poetry for a long time,” .

“The culmination of the poetic flow I was wanting to really do was something for the stage, because I act and I’ve directed other things in the theatre as well.

“But if I were to cite two inspirations they might be the films of Antonioni in the ’60s.

“I’ve always been interested in really synthesizing sound, music, movement, poetry, theatre, drama in one setting.

“And this plays a kind of unconventionally structured play, it does use those elements all together.”

The auditorium was filled with eager chatter and laughing until the lights died down.

Beautiful smokey orange lighting turned to indigo, back to orange, green and back to indigo

Again as the opening scene began with a haunting dance from one of the main actors.

She wore a simple pretty flowing gown and seemed to be in turmoil.

A live cello-ist was on stage playing throughout all the scenes, and this added something special to the production.

At the centre of the storyline were two young lovers, who expressed themselves and their love to each other through poetry, dances and heartfelt declaration speeches, while both fighting some passionate inner struggles.

The lead actors’ onstage chemistry was realistic, and well done, and the scenes flowed together in a very artistic way, having an abstract feel to them.

The use of lighting to set the mood, and highly strung emotions worked beautifully with each scene.

There was a very witty scene halfway through where the lovers teased each other’s romance etiquette habits, adding a light-hearted and endearing moment to their story and to their characters.

The audience chuckled merrily.

I kept thinking to myself that this production was indeed put together in an interesting and “unconventional” way, but that it worked well.

The question of communication was the inspiration for Garcia breaking with convention.

“How do two people communicate at the bassist barest essential,” he said of his inspiration when we talked before the play.

“How do we, communicate, how do we love, how to we speak to each other.”

Many aspects of this play’s story-line were, in my opinion, up to the audiences interpretation. It left us thinking. It left us pondering.




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