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Kelburn Normal School is getting an $8.5 million face lift

Aug 25th, 2017 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


Kelburn Normal School is undergoing an $8.5 million face lift.

The project is transforming the school  into a model learning environment, Kelburn Normal Principal Andrew Bird (pictured) says.

“The whole context around new learning spaces is about trying to build an education system that heads towards the future,” says Mr Bird, who became principal in Term 4 of last year, when the project was almost fully designed.

More traditional learning spaces were about educating children for the past, Mr Bird says.

The building project represents the changing face of the education system in New Zealand.

The project aims to create a more interactive space rather than the traditional ‘teacher at the front of the classroom’ model of learning.

For example, the library will not be in one room but will be spread out throughout the new building.

“The children will have a good chance of contributing to that, they will show us what’s right and what’s not and then we’ll change it around,” Mr Bird says.

The full redevelopment project is unique in Wellington, although many schools have been given funds for partial rebuilds.

“Most of the new building is happening in Auckland and Christchurch,” Mr Bird says.

The new L-Shaped building will be two stories high, with the entire school roll of 300 being housed in the  building.

The current teaching space will become a play space.

The building is expected to be finished in 2018.

The Kelburn School building in progress. Image: Supplied

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