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Rediscover art in print with art publications at Enjoy Gallery

Aug 31st, 2017 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News, Uncategorized

Art publications up to 10 years old are getting their own show at Enjoy Public Art Gallery at 147 Cuba St this week.

Enjoy has collected books, magazines and essays printed to complement exhibitions, often left to collect dust when the shows are over.

Louise Rutledge, programmes and communications manager at Enjoy started the book fair to bring these publications out of hiding.

“Galleries produce these amazing publications and we pour so much time into it,” she says.

“You have the launch of the show, there is a lot of hype around it and then you’re kind of left with a lot of boxes of books sitting in the cupboard.”

The books come from both well-known galleries and small, independent artist run studios.

Rutledge says gallery publications offer artists and designers a chance to break the rules of publishing.

“There are some amazing, talented designers in this country and when you give them the opportunity to work with artists, the rules are able to be broken a little bit.

“They can have some fun with the design. A lot of the books kind of play with that in really interesting ways.”

Enjoy Public Art Gallery was opened in 2000 and is an established part of the Wellington art scene.

Enjoy specialises in showing first time work of new and emerging artists, and uses its resources to support emerging artists to kick off their career.

“Enjoy is a real stepping stone for artists,” says Rutledge.

“This might be the first time they’ve had a solo show, or the first time they have exhibited in Wellington, so it’s really about us supporting them to develop new work.

“We work with artists closely and give them advice, and help them with their projects and help them to make new work to show in the city and reach new audiences.”

Enjoy is funded by Creative New Zealand and the Wellington City Council, which enables them to pay artists a fee for their work.

As a non-commercial gallery, artists are free to create work which is not restricted to what can be sold for profit.

“We’re not expecting our artists to make something they need to sell or can imagine in someone’s home.

It gives them a lot more scope to explore their research interests and really interrogate what they do and to do stuff that is out of the box.”

Enjoy Public Art Book Fair opens today, Wednesday 30 August, and closes Saturday 2 September following a day of Conversations on Art in Print featuring artists talks by Matthew Galloway, Caitline Patane and Cassandra Barnett.

Opening hours:

Wednesday 30 August, 11 – 6pm
Thursday 31 August, 11 – 6pm
Friday 1 September, 5 – 7pm (late night)
Conversations on Art in Print
Saturday 2 September, 11 – 4pm
11am – Artist talk by Matthew Galloway
2pm – Caitlin Patane on Art + Australia and the art magazine climate
3pm – Cassandra Barnett discusses Black Marks on a White Page


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