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Greens and NZ First Labour coalition choices

Sep 12th, 2017 | By | Category: Features, News, Student Features, Top Picture

The Colmar Burton poll from September 2nd put Labour ahead for the first time in 2017

A Labour led government with NZ First and Greens is a real possibility according to the latest Colmar Brunton poll.

National would struggle to form a government even if it allied with NZ First, ACT and the Maori party to get the 60 seats required.

The poll currently has Labour on 43%, up six points from the last poll from August 16 and Jacinda Ardern is now the preferred Prime Minister at 35%.
National has fallen 39% and Bill English has dropped two points as preferred Prime Minister to 31% compared to polling a week ago.

NZ First housing spokesperson Dennis O’Rourke

NZ First has fallen two points to 8% and Winston Peters has fallen three points to 4% as preferred Prime Minister.

The drop in NZ First support comes soon after the Peters’ superannuation overpayment issue.

However New Zealand First housing spokesperson Dennis O’Rourke says voters should be wary of polls especially when it comes to smaller parties.

“What you see is different polls, by different organisations, that get different results,” he says.

“Understand, when it comes to smaller parties polls are incredibly inaccurate, simply because they’re not accurately measuring the support that small parties have.”

He also says that New Zealand First has a particular demographic it appeals to, and they are not always well represented.

“We tend to be supported more by older people, we tend to be supported more by people in New Zealand’s regional towns and cities and rural areas, and less in the

lower income areas of big cities and also in the very affluent areas of big cities because we are a centrist sort of party.

Green Party leader James Shaw

The Greens have clawed back into Parliament to 5%, up one point from the last poll.

This follows a massive drop in support following the resignation of co-leader Metirei Turei over benefit and election fraud.

But party leader James Shaw is optimistic that with the current numbers, the Greens will be able to form a Government with Labour without the support of New Zealand First.

“If you look at the number both from the TVNZ (Colmar Burnton)poll on Friday and the Newhub poll, that it is increasingly likely that there could be a Labour,

Green, Maori Party coalition, that doesn’t include Winston Peters.”

The Greens housing spokesperson Julie Ann Genter says that ultimately, it’s up to the voters on September 23.

“We’ve been running the campaign of our lives,” she says.

Green Party housing spokesperson Julie Anne Genter

“We’ve had more face to face conversations than ever before, we’ve talked to 100,000 voters so far.”

And I think there’s a deep desire among New Zealanders to have a Green party in Parliament and amongst many to have a Green party in Government.”

“So ultimately people need to vote their values, if they want the Greens there, they have to get out and party vote Green.”

The Colmar Brunton poll is sampled from 1,009 eligible voters with landlines.

It has a margin of error of 3.1%.

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