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LISTEN: Young Innovator of the Year on a mission

Oct 26th, 2017 | By | Category: Latest News

The woman behind an ethical and organic uniform company has been named as  Young Innovator of the Year at the New Zealand Innovation Awards.

Founder and CEO of Little Yellow Bird, Samantha Jones, says  she is trying to change an industry which needs serious cleaning up.

Sapeer Mayron reports.

Little Yellow Bird is a company breaking the fashion industry mould by sourcing organic cotton from fairly paid workers across India.

Samantha Jones says consumers need to think more about the suppliers they are working with.

“One thing that I say is that putting unrealistic time frames on orders is really stressful for the suppliers, and it causes a lot of issues in relation to unsafe working conditions, and unsafe labour practices.”

She says Little Yellow Bird won’t subscribe to business models which sacrifice the basic rights of their workers.

“We don’t buy into that, and we don’t force our suppliers into providing something a week later.

“It’s a process, and businesses should be able to map our their uniform requirements a couple of months in advance.”

The young innovator of the year says while it has been a challenge, businesses have to move to more sustainable and ethical business models.

“I didn’t start this business because I really love uniforms, I started this business because I really disagree with the whole system that is the fashion industry.

“If they all start doing it, then great, because it’s not about us, it’s about changing the industry.”

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