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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 07:49 am

Basin battlers wary of transport scenarios to be announced

Defenders of the Basin Reserve are prepared for another fight, if needed, when new scenarios to solve congestion in Wellington are released this week.

Save the Basin, a mix of cricket lovers and public transport enthusiasts, formed in opposition to the Basin Reserve flyover.

The flyover was defeated in 2015 but Wellington’s congestion problem remained.

Save the Basin’s co-convenor, Tim Jones, says the cause of any congestion problem in Wellington, which he considers to be minor compared to other cities, is not caused by the Basin itself.

“Wellington transport is dominated by the private motor vehicle,” says Mr Jones.

“In general terms we are not providing the necessary public transport.”

The solution is ‘Let’s Get Wellington moving’, a collaborative process between various groups, which aims to holistically look at Wellington’s congestion problem.

The collaborators are the Wellington Regional Council, Wellington City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency.

They are set to release four solutions on November 15, to go through a public consultation process.

Mr Jones says he is worried about the consultation process.

He joined Save the Basin in 2008, but became an active member in 2011 when New Zealand Transport Association released their two options for the Basin Reserve area.

“Let’s call them A and B, option A here’s a flyover right here, option B there’s a flyover just over there.”

“I have a real worry that they have a preferred option.”

Save the Basin hopes the scenarios will be public transport focused and suit a modern city.

Mr Jones says they will always oppose a Basin Reserve Flyover, and anything that puts the Basin reserve at risk.

According to the Let’s Get Wellington Moving website the compact nature of Wellington creates for a specific issue in city’s transportation system, as it limits the number of traffic corridors.

The main highway runs directly through the CBD.


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