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Saturday, 17 November 2018 03:28 am

LISTEN: First big military tank battle remembered

Nov 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Featured Article

The dawn of armoured warfare was remembered on Monday with a service marking 100 years since the Battle of Cambrai.

The battle which saw the first mass deployment of tanks in a war, was remembered with a wreath laying service at the National War Memorial at Pukeahu Park.

RNZAC Association President Jim Hogg says the first use of armoured tanks in 1917 on the Western Front, changed warfare forever.

Although New Zealand wasn’t heavily involved in the Battle of Cambrai, the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corp describe it as the trigger that started their service.

Members of the Defence Forces as well as returned servicemen gather outside the tomb of The Unknown Soldier at Pukeahu Park

A salute is given to the fallen during the centenary of the Battle of Cambrai

Tanks were used en mass for the first time during the Battle of Cambrai in an attempt to break through the Hindenburg Line

The 6 pound howitzer on the side of a replica of the “male” Mark One Tank at the National War Memorial Museum

A depiction of panicked German soldiers in the National War Memorial Museum as a tank rolls above them. The origin of tanks in the First World War is an attempt to end the deadlock of trench warfare

A replica of a Mark I Tank. The tanks used in the Battle of Cambrai were in fact Mark IVs.

Wreaths laid at for the New Zealand Armoured Corp. Though New Zealand didn’t operate tanks in the First World War, they did in the Second World War in North Africa and Italy and currently operate LAV APCs

Wreaths laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


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