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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 08:34 pm

Amazing maze owner gets scarier

May 10th, 2018 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Front Page Layout, News, Top Picture

Hamish Williams’ pop-up haunted attractions are so scary that customers wet themselves out of fear.

The young entrepreneur who owned the renowned Amazing Maze ‘N Maize in Marton loves the “sheer enjoyment of seeing the terror and the screams” – even wetting themselves.

“The girls will come out and admit it, like ‘yeah’. And the guys will come out with hoodies around their waists and won’t say a thing,” he says of the wee accidents.

His most recent event was Friday April 13th in Porirua, with 13 killer clowns.

Hamish is currently doing market research to see if he can hold an event outside of the usual superstitious event days.

The next set event will be on July the 13th.

“We are looking at doing that down in Wellington because the feedback was so positive,” says Williams

Williams is also actively looking for a rural property to resurrect his Amazing Maze n Maize business which closed down in 2011, due to a fire caused by a gas explosion.

Williams says he is married to the idea of having a corn maze.

“Nothing beats having a huge field of corn, it was absolutely amazing, I’m always looking but it’s not that easy to find a suitable location now.

“Ideally, I’m looking at somewhere on state highway 1 or somewhere visible to it.”

“Somewhere about an hour out of Wellington at the most, so we can also pull in those clients from Wanganui and Masterton which isn’t too far away.”

He’s hoping that when the new highways in the Manawatu/Kapiti area are finished some new land will open up.

But even if new grounds become available, they may not be the right kind of ground.

“While the ground may be agronomically good, it may not be suitable to grow corn on,” says Williams.

Williams who ironically cannot stand horror movies, is at the forefront of design when it comes to the attractions.

“It’s usually my crazy ideas.”

Hamish has also travelled America to see other haunted attractions for inspiration.

“I also work closely with Spookers in Auckland, so they have quite a bit of involvement of what we do as well.”

Hamish has also worked closely with Alex Falkner from Weta Workshop for set design.

For example they use hidden pathways and passages and rooms with different themes with a lot of attention to detail.

“All of our creatures are currently contained inside the containment, hence the name, with the thought everything you experience in a nightmare is contained”

He says explaining why the attraction is called Nightmares Containment.

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