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Saturday, 20 April 2019 06:08 pm

Blues music for lunch the first of regular student music in city

May 9th, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News


Music Tutor Marino Karena is passionate about turning music from a hobby into a career

Te Auaha music students started Wednesday lunchtime performances on campus today to prepare for a show at Bristol Blues Club on June 14.


Regular performances are used as practice and provide entertainment for students and the public.

Music tutor Marino Karena says the gigs at Te Auaha and the Bristol Blues Club are to get students used to performing in front of audiences and understanding the realities of being a working musician.

“There’s more pressure for them when they’re playing in front of their peers, it can get pretty daunting.

“The nervousness just reminds people to be grounded,” Marino says.

Although the students are passionate about music, Marino said they don’t always realise the hard work that goes

into performing live.

“Some of our musicians, when they get here, think they’re rock stars and that they’ll never have to lift an amp. They think they’ll just have roadies.

“We just try to get everybody into the culture of understanding ok, this is your role, you have to break your gear down, you have to set it up, that’s what you do.”

Those participating were unfazed by the difficult setup, seemingly too excited about the upcoming show.

The performance ran smoothly, around 20 people showed up to watch.

The upcoming performances are focussed on blues music before the students switch to studying R&B, funk, and soul genres.

Members of the public, students, and family are all encouraged to attend.

Timing of the gigs will vary over the next few weeks as the music students sort out timing and scheduling to avoid disrupting other classes.

The students’ blues gig will be held at the Bristol Blues Club, Cuba Street on June 14at 8pm.

Music tutor Marino Karena instructs students in preparation for lunchtime gig at Te Auaha.

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