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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 05:57 am

Caffeine queen serious about brews for creative students and staff

May 1st, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

Mojo coffee cart is the first port of call for creative minds of students and staff at Te Auaha.

Miriama Royal calls herself the day time bar tender.

And for the creative minds of Te Auha New Zealand Institute of Creativity, Miri, 24, is the one pouring that first cup of inspiration in the morning.

The coffee cart, located in the lobby outside the lifts, is part of the Mojo coffee company and serves a variety of caffeinated beverages and tasty treats.

Barista Mariama Royal says journalism students drink the most coffee.

“Flat whites and lattes are our most popular drinks, and the journalism students seem to drink the most,” Miri says.

The long-time Wellingtonian, has worked in the hospitality industry for seven years.

“I worked in a café during the day and bar tender at night.”

She says she loved tending bar as it is completely different.

“I’ve been doing coffee so long it’s automatic. With the cocktails, you need to be a bit more creative.”

She says the martini is the hardest and easiest to make as people are very specific.

Fortunately for Miri, her coffee customers, who also include some regulars from the Barkers men’s store next door, aren’t so picky.

The best part of her job is talking to students and staff.

“It’s great being around my peers,” Miri says.

“I came from working around corporate people, and many just stop by to chat about their studies or their day.”

And for her, it has had an unexpected bonus.

“I used to study graphic design and being around the creative students has encouraged me to start drawing again.”


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