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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 08:53 am

Kiwi developer’s NZ train game goes viral thanks to NerdCubed reviewer

May 15th, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

A game based around South Island railways has gone viral after a YouTube review by popular creator NerdCubed.

Rolling Line allows the player to drive and manage their own train system in virtual reality.

Jack Huygens, solo developer of Blenheim based Gaugepunk Games, worked for seven months on the game before its release in late April.

The video, created by NerdCubed’s Dan Hardcastle, that reviewed the game gained over 200,000 views from his 2.6 million followers.

Rolling Line already has over 100 positive reviews on its steam page in the two weeks it has been on the website for buying and reviewing games.

One Steam user by the name Fyrefly24 said “This is basically my dream game that I’ve been wanting for years and it was executed perfectly.”

Huygens says he’s very happy with the international recognition the game is getting.

“I’ve noticed Germany accounts for one-third maybe a quarter of my sales. Which is pretty good.

“It has a lot of German YouTube reviews. Obviously I can’t understand them but they sound happy playing it.”

Jack says the sales increase after the NerdCubed video was posted sat at around 50% of his initial launch spike.

“It got a very obvious jump in sales that lasted around three days which is pretty amazing.”

Rolling Line is available for $17.59NZD on the Steam store.

The game is a first for Gaugepunk Games as it works in virtual reality and on a computer.

The game features a lot of iconic New Zealand scenery from Marlborough to the Kaikōura tunnels.

Jack says that you don’t really see a lot of New Zealand scenery in video games and he wanted to highlight that in Rolling Line.

“I would say there are almost no games that are actually set in New Zealand.

“I like New Zealand. I live here. It’s really nice and I’d like to see it in more games.”

The game has also gained acclaim within the train watching community.

Kawe Roes, a self-confessed train junkie and host for Maori Television’s KaweKōrero says that it is a fabulous game.

“The one thing I really liked about it is when I played it I could choose my own style of train.

“I could create a different looking train every time whether it be a freight or passenger.”

Kawe says the game’s New Zealand setting is important for international audiences.

“Get behind supporting this guy and the concept.

“Mainly because anything to do with being proud to be a Kiwi and showing off our culture and our landscape we just need to promote.”

Rolling Lines is available for purchase on its Steam page.

For more information on other Gaugepunk Games projects check out their website.

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