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Monday, 25 March 2019 03:35 pm

Newest Mojo cafe opens in June at Te Auaha

May 13th, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Top Picture

A new Mojo coffee shop is opening at Te Auaha around mid -June.

But it can’t come soon enough for manager Miriama Royal (above), who has been running a one-woman-show in the existing cart in front of an empty shop space.

Set up is expected to start in May and by around June 15 the shop will be up and running.

“Which is super exciting but super far away,” Miriama says.

She was shown the “beautiful” designs for the café, but originally had some of her own ideas.

“It’s going to be completely different from any other mojo. It’s going to be be brighter and more vibrant than any other mojo.”

Miriama petitioned for a poster of David Bowie smoking but it was decided that the theme is green.

“We’re going to have quite a few plants and the back wall’s going to be this painted green leaves design. Which is going to look fantastic, but I wanted David Bowie.”

Tables will line the café, seating 50 people at once. A door will open into the Te Auauha lobby and another onto the street.

“I want my environment to be, like you’re coming here to escape from wherever you’re from.”

The Mojo at Te Auaha currently is a cart that fronts an empty shop space

If she’s allowed, Miriama wants to pick her own music out for the café as she does for the cart now. She wants to make sure “everyone’s pumping and ready to go for the day”.

Miriama has become a permanent fixture in Te Auaha’s community and with her bubbly personality she makes everyone feel welcome.

She loves being waved at every morning.

“Everyones been so good. Even people who don’t want a coffee come up and introduce themselves, which is incredible.”

Te Auaha has even made her discover her creativity again after she quit drawing a few years ago.

She now doodles beautiful designs when she’s not busy making coffee.

But the sociable Miri wants more people around.

“I’m a very social person and here I feel very closed off, and it’s driving me insane a little bit.”

She prefers it to be busy and to work with other people, so that it’s a bit less lonely.

Two new baristas will grace the shop with their presence. Amber, and second-in-command Seiko.

Miriama aims to bring them into the existing shopfront first so they get to know the customers and the environment.

Te Auauha locals can expect her dedication to bring out the best in the new faces because of her passion for her job, combining her love for coffee and her love for socialising.

“Hospo’s my dream career,” she says.

Royal has been frequenting Mojo since she was 16. Her dream is to end up in a roastery, learning about different coffee beans.

Mojo Dixon opens 7am-3.30pm, Monday to Friday.


Miriama works hard to make quality coffee and banter for customers

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