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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 01:51 am

Poll: Government fees free policy helpful but not a deal-breaker

May 2nd, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page Layout, Latest News, News

The Labour Government’s new fees free policy has been helpful for most first year Te Auaha students, but they would have studied anyway.

NewsWire asked Te Auaha students if the initiative made a difference to them choosing to study.

Nea Warmouth (left) and Justine Stoneley

Commercial dance student Nea Warmouth (18) of Porirua had already decided she wanted to study at Te Auaha.

“I kind of already knew I wanted to come here so whether they paid for the fees or not I was still going to do the course.”

Fellow dancer Justine Stoneley (18), of Porirua, appreciates the support.

“I planned on coming here before they announced fees free but it is handy though.”

The fees free policy was implemented on January 1 by the Government.

As long as a student is eligible, their first year of study is free of charge.

This policy was created in the hopes of encouraging more students to continue studying.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Education Minister Chris Hopkins said that they wanted to see students finishing their study without being in enormous financial debt.

The policy did make a difference to music student Jack Fish (21) right, of Strathmore.

Deena Landon (left) Molly wake and Thomas Laybourn

“I was looking to do it anyway but it was a bit of a high price to jump in straight away so I was considering leaving it for another year and save up, but I guess because its free I just jumped into it.”

Other student comments include:

Deena Landon (18) left, Mount Vic, commercial dance: also thought fees free benefited her, “Yes, when fees free came in I was like hell yeah, it pushed me a bit to decide.”

Molly Wake (17) left, Lower Hutt, commercial dance: “No, however it has lessened the pressure financially for myself and my

parents, so the money that would have went into my first year of commercial dance can be put towards my future career options.”

Thomas Laybourn (18) left, Te Aro, commercial dance:  “No, I was going to study anyways but it was helpful

Nicki-Marie Campbell (18) right, Greytown, digital media: “Not particularly no, I had decided to come here before it was announced but it definitely makes things easier.”

Tem Pearse (24) left, Strathmore, music: “Yes and no, I don’t really see school fees as a debt so much, it’s more of a positive debt. I

would have studied anyway, but it’s a mean bonus.”

Dayna Paora-Quirk (17) right, Wellington, Bachelor of Creativity: “No, I would of paid them (the fees) if I had to”

Rosie Grocott (20) left, Upper Hutt, Bachelor of Creativity: “No, it was more of a bonus for me.”





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