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Friday, 22 March 2019 11:43 am

Prayer a powerful tool for charity working with capital’s impoverished

Jun 19th, 2018 | By | Category: Editor's Picks, Front Page Layout, Lead Story

Armed with only a van of food and faith Drug-ARM is fighting drug related crime.

Christian charity Drug-ARM offers hot drinks, warm food and listening ears to those affected by drugs.

Wellington is the last branch standing from New Zealand’s original five departments since the charity expanded across the ditch in 1998.

Friday and Saturday evening, volunteers park the van on some of Wellington’s busiest streets and wait for the needy to come

to them.

Some come for locally donated food or hot drinks and others come for conversation or healing through prayer.

People volunteer their help from various churches all over Wellington.

Drug-ARM volunteer Sam McAllister is a faithful Christian and a self-proclaimed snooker champion.

“I’m a Christian and it’s basically about loving people, if they’re in distress help them…

“It’s nothing fantastic or earth shattering it’s just about if you can help someone help someone.”

Healing through prayer is just one of Drug-ARM’s methods.

Volunteers pray for God to bring peace and prosperity to those affected by drugs.

Homeless man Aukaiyushkaveyelle Savieyein Oysima-Pirimi known as ‘Papa Smurf’ says drugs have been a part of his life from birth.

“I was born into a community [in Cyprus] which roughly translates roughly to drugs bay…

“Drug arm helps me with the struggles of the challenges drugs provide.”

New Zealand Drug Harm Index 2016 found 44% of kiwis will try an illicit drug while 93% will try alcohol.

The same study says New Zealand spends $1.8billion annually in social cost at the expense of illicit drug harm.

‘Papa Smurf’ says Drug-ARM helps heal his soul.

“I have faith there is a father up there looking out for us.

“I don’t mind praying every now and again especially when I’m feeling down.”

For more information on Drug-ARM check out their website.

You can find resources for drug addiction help here.

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