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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 04:34 am

WATCH: Wellington becoming city of long white clouds

Jun 19th, 2018 | By | Category: Arts/Entertainment, Latest News, News

Wellington’s fondness for food and drink is fueling a blossoming vaping industry.

‘Vaping’ is the act of inhaling flavoured liquid that has been vaporised by an electronically heated coil wrapped in cotton.

It is often marketed as alternative to smoking cigarettes, but its appeal goes beyond quitting tobacco.

Sam Nouri, the store manager at The Vape Shop’s Ghuznee street establishment, says his experience working in the industry has revealed the vast spectrum of people who vape.

“All sorts of people from all kinds of walks of life are looking to take on this new lifestyle for all sorts of reasons,” says Mr Nouri.

The liquid consumed in vapes is called e-juice.

The store manager says the range of flavours is vast.

The Vape Shop’s stock appeals to vapers with a sweet tooth.

“Anything you can imagine under the sun, there’s a vape juice for it.”

Mr Nouri says the strangest flavour he’s seen was a blue cheese e-juice.

John Coutts, who works in The Vape Shop with Mr Nouri, says more people are coming in seeking to match e-juices with their favourite beers.

“We’re getting more and more questions around what kind of flavour profiles are going to be suitable and they’re dropping names of beers specifically,” Mr Coutts says.

The Vape Shop has partnered with Garage Project on occasion in order to experiment with pairings, much like how a meal might be matched with an appropriate wine.

Mr Coutts says he enjoys a strong Belgian beer paired with a spiced cream e-juice.

Mr Nouri says he believes this aspect of vaping has fuelled its popularity in Wellington.

“There’s a lot of people who are very open minded to experiencing new flavours and new tastes,” he says.

“There’s so many options for flavours, it ties in quite nicely with the culture we’ve got here in Wellington.”

While Wellington’s gastronauts seem to have embraced vaping, the legislation in New Zealand needs to catch up.

E-juice production laboratories in the USA must be graded by the International Organisation of Standardisation, also known as ISO.

In New Zealand, this isn’t legally enforced, but most manufacturers self-regulate to ensure customer safety and keep the authorities from cracking down on the developing industry.

Central Wellington currently has 11 vaping stores open to the public and four more in the Greater Wellington area.

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