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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 02:30 am

Increasing numbers of Kiwis leave for Asia a longer-term trend

More young Kiwis are leaving for Asia as part of a jump in long-term migrants.

A Stats NZ report shows a 9.5% increase in permanent and long term departures leaving New Zealand for the May 2018 year compared with the year previous.

The International travel and migration report from May 2018 shows the biggest regional jump was to Asia with a 32.7% increase from the year previous.

New Zealand China Friends Society (NZCFS) national president Dave Bromwich says he’s noticed a trend of younger Kiwis moving to China for business opportunities.

“This move to get ‘China savvy’ is a very positive outlook for our future with China as a country,” Mr Bromwich says.

“New Zealand needs more people who understand China from a China perspective.”

One of the biggest increases was permanent and long term departures to China, with the year to May 2018 showing a 44% increase in migration to China from 2100 to 3100.

“There is a great need for more New Zealanders, whether Chinese born or New Zealand born, to be placed in China to implement the relationship,” says Mr Bromwich.

Net migration numbers are annually continuing a general downward trend after a peak of 72,400 in the July 2017 year.

Annual net migration in the May 2018 year was 66,200. Migrant arrivals were 130,200 and migrant departures were 64,000.

Permanent and long term arrivals were down 200 to 8,100 in the month of May 2018.

Population insights senior manager for Stats NZ Brooke Theyers says migrant departures are the highest they’ve been since May 2014.

“They are now almost half the number of migrant arrivals.”

New Zealand hasn’t seen migrant departures rise higher then arrivals since December 2012.

Migrant departures peaked in February 2012 with 88,000 New Zealanders permanently moving overseas.

Since the peak permanent and long-term departures have dropped to nearly 64,000 in May 2018

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