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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 02:22 am

WATCH: Kitten season takes over SPCA in Wellington

Kitten season in Wellington is ending, which causes a bigger demand for foster careers at the SPCA.

Over 1000 kittens and cats are bought into the centres from spring to June due to breeding time.

Kirsty Grant, training and safety manager at Wellington SPCA says that during this season is when most centres become inundated with lots of kittens.

“We are not at full capacity. We still have some room to take in more animals.”

The SPCA makes sure all animals are de-sexed so that they don’t get to full capacity, says Kirsty.

The Wellington centre has over 300 foster parents.

“But we could certainly do with at least another 300. The more foster parent we have the more animals we can take in and the more we can look to, to rehome them.”

Being a foster parent gives animals a chance to recover in a home environment which prepares them to be adopted.

If you are interested in helping, head over to the SPCA website:

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