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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 02:28 am


‘You just have to meet the people’ – beyond mental health stigma

As New Zealand wakes up to the enormity of the mental health issue, more and more of us are finding the will to tell our stories. The NewsWire team puts people at the heart of the story in a project culminating in this multi-media, interactive long read.


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Challenging the status quo in New Zealand media

Diverse voices beyond the straight white narrative can be found at Wellington Access Radio 106.1. ANDREW BEVIN reports


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Ngāti Katoa, iwi all, gathers at Orongomai Marae in Upper Hutt

How does a Pākeha become a respected kaumātua? LAURA WILTSHIRE visits the marae her great grandfather helped create.


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Where’s the funding for special needs education?


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Candidate comments booed by LGBTQI crowd in Wellington

ACT’s Stephen Berry was booed at the LGBTQI Rainbow forum on Tuesday for not backing new hate speech law.

Newswire’s AIMEE EASTWOOD asked candidates after the meeting about hate speech and free speech.


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WATCH: Wellington Access Radio gets new frequency

Wellington Access Radio Station Manager Kristen Paterson talks about the switch to FM frequency and what’s next for the station.


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Storytellers of the Pacific challenge old societal norms

KATENI SAU explores the challenges of being a Pacific journalist


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PHOTO ESSAY: African Unity celebrated in Wellington

Reporter SAPEER MAYRON visually captures the essence of African Unity celebrated in Wellington.


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PHOTO ESSAY: Women march for equality and human rights

Wellingtonians this week showed support for International Women’s Day.

Foreign players adding flavour to capital club rugby competition

The regular imports to Wellington this year include 20 from Japanese rugby competitions.


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Paparangi Kindergarten teachers live Treaty of Waitangi with kids

Te Tiriti based learning practise embedded throughout programme


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New Creekfest celebrates great year with more than 30,000 people

Event organiser Liz Kelly will be leaving Creekfest in good health after seven years.

Cook Islands Anzacs remembered with service

Sandra Tisam looks at Michel Tuffrey’s work honouring the Cook Island’s World War 1 legacy, which is remembered each year in Porirua. MATT TSO reports.

New building to reflect Newtown’s multi-cultural roll

Design to incorporate art and structural qualities from different cultural groups.

Creekfest celebrates great year with more than 30,000 people

Event organiser Liz Kelly will be leaving Creekfest in good health after seven years.

Local talent wows alongside NZ’s biggest stars

Le ART, from left Anastasia Sirila, Tiresa Fomai, Rosetta lopa were buzzing among the young bands sharing a stage with professionals at Creekfest. KEANU HEAD reports.

WATCH: A special art gallery in Abel Smith St values citizens

Alpha Art Studio enables people with an intellectual disability to be active and valued. ANDREW JOHNSEN reports.

WATCH: Community art festival in Porirua

TEZA, or the Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa, is a public art project bringing art and the community together. BRAD FLAHIVE reports.

Student thinks NZ education more rounded due to pressure in China

International students are a big part of the rise in permanent and long term visitor increase.

Puppy walkers are helping guide dogs to take their first steps

Blind Foundation puppy walkers give pups a great start before they leave to train as guide dogs.

Porirua People’s Library giving locals a voice in November

Creative New Zealand and Porirua City Council pitching in to help community tell its stories.

Mental health worker uses his own journey to help others

Familiarity with mental health events helps a worker in the field do his job, and reflect on his role with EMMA MOODY.

Brighter banknotes help people with low vision

The new New Zealand banknotes are assisting the low-vision community with their brighter colours and clearer designs. Matt Tso reports.

Former refugees know how fleeing Syrians are feeling

Two Wellingtonions, who came to New Zealand as refugees, share their perspectives with DOMINIC GODFREY.

Higher life expectancy for Maori not good enough

The gap between Maori and non-Maori life expectancy has narrowed, but ARANA KENNY finds there is more work to be done.

Meet the people who find joy in a YMCA dance, or a clap of hands

HAYLEY GASTMEIER talks to three New Zealanders who care for people with intellectual disabilities.

From the dark to the light

William Matangi knows he has done a lot of good things. JONTY DINE talks to him about life as a Black Power boss, finding God, and now making a difference for young people.

Bringing te reo back to life – three takes on te reo

HAYLEY GASTMEIER speaks to three Kiwis helping to revitalise te reo Māori after more than 150 years of decline.

WATCH: Whitireia group earn Taiwan honour

Performers chosen to end Nan-Ying Cultural Festival opening ceremony.

Thousands entertained and scared by haka in Taiwan streets

A Taiwanese tour guide joins NZ performing for haka Ka Mate during the opening of festival.

Kiwi performers from Wellington and Waikato form alliance in Tainan

Wellington’s Whitireia Performing Arts and Waikato’s Tamaki-Hauraki Kowhao Rau join forces overseas.

Chinese take protest to street in Newtown

Falun Gong practitioners are protesting outside a Chinese community newspaper which they say has defamed them but the editor is not backing down. FINN RAINGER reports.

More female same-sex couples exercising their right to marry

More female couples have chosen to tie the knot since the Marriage Equality Bill was passed early last year.

Fewer Maori speaking te reo Māori

The 2013 census shows that the amount of Maori speaking te reo Māori is on the decline.

NZ boys born in 2012 can expect to live to eighty

New Zealand placed in top ten of life expectancy for baby boys in global league table.

School, MClass help parents learn English to join community

Parents drop their their kids at Miramar’s Holy Cross school and then stay to learn English.

Migrant volunteers to be recognised for their work in capital

New migrants will celebrate their volunteering achievements in a special awards ceremony this week. ANNEKA PAUL reports on how volunteering has connected the recent arrivals to their new home.

Special Olympics champion swam for his cousin in Australia

Richard Bruce represented New Zealand at the first Asia Pacific Games in Australia. He talks to PAUL ORDISH about his motivation.

Beyond the hijab: Living as a Muslim female in Wellington

Living in Wellington is a daily celebration of culture for three Muslim university students. BETHANY PEARSON reports.

New Zealand home after sinking boat and island isolation.

“What amazing people are New Zealanders,” says former refugee Mohammad Ali Amiri. He talks with JANELLE CHEESMAN.

Wellington’s Diwali festival gives many reasons for celebration

The Indian festival of Diwali means many things to many people, JESSE CLARK discovered at Wellington’s celebrations.

Skilled and qualified refugees stacking shelves at supermarkets

It can be hard settling in to a new culture, especially getting a job. SAM DUFF looks at services that smooth the way for refugees.

Traditions of Pahiatua children live on at Polish School

Wellington’s Polish School celebrates it’s 60th anniversary, and LIAM MACANDREW learns their cultural story in a strange land.

Young Fijians target of language week

The inaugural Fijian Language Week was launched on Monday and aims to encourage Fijians living in New Zealand to reconnect with and celebrate their culture. CALLY MARTIN reports.

Excitement building up for Polynesian festival

Students from around the Porirua region are preparing to show off their Pasifika cultures, reports CAM MASSEY.

Wellington’s religious communities welcome Dame Susan Devoy

A dinner is held for the Race Relations Commissioner at Jewish community centre.

We were prepared for death anyway, say youths in cancer ward

Young cancer patients found the quakes underwhelming compared with their experiences.

Porirua school triumphs at kapa haka competition

Te Rauparaha Arena erupts into a crowd Kamate haka for Te Kura Maori o Porirua.

Malaysian games at Vic Uni helping community

Playing sports in the hijab is no problem for New Zealand’s Malaysian students, reports BETHANY PEARSON.

Newlands take disaster seriously – even if it is an exercise

Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds became disaster victims and helpers in a major earthquake.

Petone school begins programme to help pupils learning in te reo

A Petone school has high hopes for its new system for pupils learning in te reo, reports HOANI HOTENE.

Evolve youth service finds new space for drop-in centre.

Evolve’s move coincides with Youth Week, when Evolve has a special workshop planned.

Designer showcases NZ fashion talent in Kuala Lumpur

Wellingtonian Hannah Shand takes the stage and third place with her Malysian collaborator.

After-school homework centre helps community realise dream

Homework isn’t compulsory, but one local centre is making it fun for students.

Iwi radio stations get training boost to help further te reo

A Whitireia training initiative allows iwi radio station staff to get their skills and dedication recognised, reports VICTORIA COTTERELL.

Dyslexic learners challenging education for support

As ongoing change challenges schools, LIZ WYLIE explores what is being done to help dyslexic learners. Image: iStockphoto

Teacher lights up California kids’ lives the Kiwi way

Dyer-Kelly Elementary – its children are high achievers, thanks to its Kiwi principal.

Whenua burial revives connection to land

Earth mothers all over Aotearoa are reviving the practice of whenua burial, reports MELISSA WASTNEY

Open door helps make radio accessible for aspiring disc jockey

Reaching all ears since 1981, Access Radio is still going strong on Wellington airways, reports NATASHA THYNE.

Women walk from Parliament to Civic Square for peace

Wellington women came together to celebrate international Women’s day with a peace walk.

‘Forgotten’ hospital abused ask for apology

A GROUP of Wellingtonians is fighting for patients in pyschiatric hospitals before 1992, whose stories of trauma are a forgotten chapter of New Zealand’s history.

To this day, the former patients have not received an apology from the Government. ERIN KAVANAGH-HALL reports.

Dragons and dancing welcome Year of the Snake

Wellingtonians turned out in droves to enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations, which mixed the traditional with the modern.

Megan Ultimate is not letting her blindness stop her art

A young art student is not letting her disability get in the way of her first exhibition.

“Ex-psychiatric patient” tag for Studylink client

Studylink Wellington has labelled a client “ex-psychiatric patient” without his knowledge or permission.

JEAN ELTRINGHAM looks at how the student’s privacy was breached and why it shouldn’t have been.

New Zealand homebirth figures being addressed by Ministry

Estimates show home birth is still a rare choice for Kiwis as official numbers remain unknown. MELISSA WASTNEY reports.

Migrants to lose valuable help for transition into Kiwi life

Victoria University must stop providing employment aid to migrants if funding cannot be sourced.

More to Nepalese culture than Mt Everest and Hillary

A Nepal Night festival is aimed at introducing Wellington to the best of Nepalese culture. SARAH MACKENZIE reports.

Speech reading courses return to Hutt Valley after six years

EMILY LIPSYS reports on an issue which challenges those who lose their hearing, and why they want the course to continue.

TV shows lack of respect for Kiwi paralympians

Poor TV coverage of NZ’s athletes at London Games.

Day of fun and games for Maori language week

South Wellington Intermediate puts learning te reo into context.

Tongan schools power education with the sun

Pacific Islands leading way with renewable energy.

Save your languages, Parata tells islanders

Newtown meeting told more government money will not help

Start soon on Wellington’s fourth Greek chapel

Makara site is near original and new Greek cemeteries.

Promoting tolerance – teaching Maori culture in schools

Lisa Reweti talks to GRANT ELLEN about teaching NZ social history and te reo in Wellington schools.

Migrant pioneer tells of battle against domestic violence

Farida Sultana’s work has created a legacy of support for ethnic women facing domestic violence in New Zealand.

She talks to CALLUM VALENTINE about her life and struggle, and the success of the support group she founded here, Shakti.

Head of the fish leads the way in iwi radio broadcasting

Wellington’s award-winning Maori radio station set to celebrate 25 years in the business, reports RODNEY BROWN.

Marae and mosque – how Kiwis are attracted to overlapping customs

Similarities between Islam and Maori culture are leading more Maori to embrace Islam, reports MOHAMMAD NAZAYER.

Blind pakeha just one of the whanau on radio

David Piper’s success in studio due to strength of character