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Friday, 27 April 2018 11:45 am

Student Features

Cynicism high among Māori youth voters, but there is hope

What can be done about low youth and Maori voting numbers? AIMEE EASTWOOD attends Here We Go Again forum to find out.


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Greens and NZ First Labour coalition choices

With Labour getting stronger in the latest polling, it is clear that they will still need a partner. Aimee Eastwood asks candidates at the housing issues forum for their thoughts.


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Candidate comments booed by LGBTQI crowd in Wellington

ACT’s Stephen Berry was booed at the LGBTQI Rainbow forum on Tuesday for not backing new hate speech law.

Newswire’s AIMEE EASTWOOD asked candidates after the meeting about hate speech and free speech.


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Beneficiaries and Maori being hit hardest by rises in living costs

Statistics New Zealand has released a report showing the rising costs of tobacco and rent is affecting New Zealand’s poorest, particularly Maori and beneficiaries. AIMEE EASTWOOD investigates.


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Wellington city’s brightest shine at awards

Wellington most influential citizens line up with their Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards. AIMEE EASTWOOD talked to three of the recipients.


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WATCH: Wellington CBD lit up by Lux Light Festival

Wellington’s Lux Light Festival returned to the CBD this year. AIMEE EASTWOOD captures the dazzling artworks and performers.


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Storytellers of the Pacific challenge old societal norms

KATENI SAU explores the challenges of being a Pacific journalist


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Dogs assist those living with epilepsy

Dogs are trained to assist people living with epilepsy thanks to a small New Zealand trust. SHAR DAVIS meets the e-dog lovers.


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Female harmonies meet loud guitars on stage

Wellington band HEX who played CubaDupa, are making an album. AIMEE EASTWOOD talks with bass player Kiki Van Newtown.


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WATCH: Professional women cricket players on the rise.

More female players becoming professional cricket players. KATENI SAU reports.


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PHOTO ESSAY: Karate medalist returns from world championships

Lennex Drummond returns from the karate world championships with a second placing.


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NZ Land Wars day announcement reminder of push for Parihaka

Modern day peace protesters keep up the pressure for November 5 memorial. SHAR DAVIS talks to two supporters.


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Print is not dead, it’s an untapped market, says former newspaper editor

Cate Brett talks print media, community newspapers and the state of New Zealand journalism


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Hills Hats anything but old hat as popularity inspires factory shop

Headgear’s popularity is on the rise. Matt Tso talks to Hills Hatman Simon Smuts-Kennedy.

WATCH: A special art gallery in Abel Smith St values citizens

Alpha Art Studio enables people with an intellectual disability to be active and valued. ANDREW JOHNSEN reports.

WATCH: Community art festival in Porirua

TEZA, or the Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa, is a public art project bringing art and the community together. BRAD FLAHIVE reports.

Whippy chases dream long way from Fiji, Porirua, family

Basketball star Letava Whippy’s heart is split between Porirua and Fiji, but her head is at Long Island University in the US.

A history of the Syrian conflict makes devastating reading

COLIN ENGELBRECHT talks to a Middle East specialist about the refugee crisis background.

PHOTO ESSAY: Memphis Belle Cafe a capital coffee hot spot

TE HUIA MOKE visits a community based cafe situated in Dixon Street, central Wellington, to capture the culture in pictures.

Inequities in health linked to high stomach cancer rates for Maori

An Otago University stomach cancer report highlights over-representation of Maori in stats. FINN RAINGER reports.

Kōhanga kids right at home in Wainuiomata where it all began

Parents talk about why they choose Kōhanga Reo for their kids, and about the demand for fluent speakers

Behind the smile, your lattes and lagers can have a human toll

TESS NICHOL speaks with some of the capital’s young workers to find out what it’s really like “working hospo.”

Meet the people who find joy in a YMCA dance, or a clap of hands

HAYLEY GASTMEIER talks to three New Zealanders who care for people with intellectual disabilities.

Māori students still struggling with stereotypes, racism

Not enough focus on how Maori are taught, right down to pronouncing names correctly.

Peninsula wants Fort Ballance to be a showcase, not an enigma

Site has changed over years from an army base to an abandoned concrete playground for graffiti artists.

From the dark to the light

William Matangi knows he has done a lot of good things. JONTY DINE talks to him about life as a Black Power boss, finding God, and now making a difference for young people.

Pannett juggles environment and development

Development issues facing Wellington city are a challenge for a councillor holding key positions.

Bringing te reo back to life – three takes on te reo

HAYLEY GASTMEIER speaks to three Kiwis helping to revitalise te reo Māori after more than 150 years of decline.

REVIEW: Taken 3 falls short of franchise success

FRANCESCA JAGO is not taken with the latest of the edition of Liam Neeson’s efforts.

Wellingtonians with Chinese roots celebrating Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar.

Gaylene Preston reflects on her years of filmmaking

Fresh from North America showing her new series Hope and Wire, Gaylene Preston talks with FRANCESCA JAGO.

WATCH: Pints going to the dogs as profits given to SPCA

Wellington’s Blackdog Brewery released a new beer and all proceeds from it donated to the SPCA.

Māori see future careers in performing arts

Māori of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes come to Wellington to study the art of performance. MATTHEW LAU reports.

Māori learn about their culture in Hawaii

FRANCESCA JAGO meets Māori students in Hawaii learning more about themselves and their culture than they did growing up in NZ.

Wellington’s charities and council struggle to manage homeless

Homeless numbers in Wellington are increasing. NICOLE ADAMSON talks to those dealing with the issue.

Performer helps people find their “presence” in capital workshop

FINN RAINGER talks to Bert van Dijk about his performance workshop next month and his vision for the future.

Solomon Islands day celebrations a milestone in capital

Strengthening of relationships between Solomons and NZ on agenda for both countries. SUE TEODORO reports.

PHOTO ESSAY: Going backstage at Grease, the musical

NewsWire reporter MATTHEW LAU spent the day behind the scenes of Wellington Musical Theatre’s production of Grease.

A day at The Barking Lot

IN PICTURES: Dog daycare facility opens in Wellington, allowing pets to be pampered as their owners go to work.

Maori people much more likely to suffer from mental health issues

Figures show that Maori are a third more likely to be living with mental health issues than Europeans

Behind the scenes of the SPCA

WATCH: The Newswire team goes behind the scenes of the Wellington SPCA’s new centre in Mt Victoria.

PHOTO ESSAY: A day in the life of a midwife

A day in life of a midiwfe, following Jill Adamson around as she completes her daily routine in Lower Hutt.

Yeastie Boys brewing up a storm

WATCH: Yeastie Boys Brewers are looking to expand their business throughout Europe after a great showing at a recent beer festival in the UK.

Maori café opens nights as it reaches second birthday

Open mic nights and live entertainment at Kotuku Cafe add to Waiwhetu’s life.

German language and culture growing on New Zealanders

More than 30,000 Germans live in NZ, and the Goethe Institut supports the language and culture.

Stephanie McIntyre knows the many colours of homelessness

Homelessness is right on our back doorsteps and one local woman is doing all she can to help, writes BETHANY PEARSON

The resurrection of tā moko raises questions for Maori

Maori tattoos is displayed on the bodies of many New Zealanders. But as JANELLE CHEESMAN found, it is not tā moko.

Special Olympics champion swam for his cousin in Australia

Richard Bruce represented New Zealand at the first Asia Pacific Games in Australia. He talks to PAUL ORDISH about his motivation.

Anna Guenther has plenty of stories to tell about her journey

Anna Guenther, co-founder of Pledgeme talks about the road to the website’s success. MIKE METCALFE reports.

REVIEW: DJ Stickybuds rocks the boat

Stickybuds entertained crowds at Wellington’s Tugboat, and having experienced him live once before, OREN OAARIKI went along for more.

New Zealand home after sinking boat and island isolation.

“What amazing people are New Zealanders,” says former refugee Mohammad Ali Amiri. He talks with JANELLE CHEESMAN.

PHOTO ESSAY: The graffiti of Aro Valley can polarise

Aro Valley’s community can have divergent views of its ever-present graffiti. Take a walk up the valley with BETHANY PEARSON.

Month of fame for ex-orchestra member Vicki Jones

Double bass player Vicki Jones has been on TV and won an award in the past month. She talks with LAUREN HERTZBERG.

Wellington goes crackers for Christmas in streets

The annual Christmas parade had Wellington city dancing in the streets. PENNY SCOTT captured the day in pictures.

Traditions of Pahiatua children live on at Polish School

Wellington’s Polish School celebrates it’s 60th anniversary, and LIAM MACANDREW learns their cultural story in a strange land.

Council gives Chalkle $19,000 to develop its own social network

A new approach to learning through one-off affordable classes proves to be a hit. PAUL ORDISH and JOHANNA CLELAND report.

Grassroots key to Axemen’s successful comeback

After a long time away from premier rugby, 2013 saw Wellington’s Axemen return to top-tier club rugby. CALLY MARTIN reports

Designer earns her scholarship with ‘tears, sweat and hard work’

A big future in fashion has been predicted for Massey University design student Annelise Moen. JENNIFER MCILROY reports.

Journalism education godfather retires…again (but not really)

Pre-eminent journalism educator Jim Tucker is retiring from teaching after 27 years, reports PENNY SCOTT.

Dyslexic learners challenging education for support

As ongoing change challenges schools, LIZ WYLIE explores what is being done to help dyslexic learners. Image: iStockphoto

Volunteers needed for disabled riders

RIDING for the Disabled is celebrating 50 years in New Zealand and it needs volunteers to keep going for another 50. NICOLE BAXTER reports.

Fair-weather friends turn their back on Republican candidate

Republicans across the US are distancing themselves from Mitt Romney. VICTORIA COTTERELL discusses the trend.

New Zealand homebirth figures being addressed by Ministry

Estimates show home birth is still a rare choice for Kiwis as official numbers remain unknown. MELISSA WASTNEY reports.

US Presidential election lowest voter turnout since 2000.

While 63 million voted, 96 million did not. REGAN ROBERTS goes looking for answers.

Climate change debate avoided, but change may be in the wind

NZ gets in step with global emitters’ carbon footprints. JAMES PAUL reports on mixed messages.

It’s not all about Israel for Jewish voters in the United States

Four Jewish Americans reflect on politics with ERIN KAVANAGH-HALL about their pre-election concerns at home and in Israel.

Obama and Romney agreed on Middle East war

On the surface Obama’s troop withdrawals look different to Romney’s military policies, but ALASTAIR REITH is not so sure.

Two years after the Christchurch quakes it’s a tale of two cities

Canterbury residents are sharing their food, flowers and frustration, reports LIZ WYLIE.

Hutt locals knit-work to warm up Kiwi kids and fight poverty

A Facebook group rounds up knitters across the globe to combat child poverty in New Zealand, reports ERIN KAVANAGH-HALL

Promoting tolerance – teaching Maori culture in schools

Lisa Reweti talks to GRANT ELLEN about teaching NZ social history and te reo in Wellington schools.

Fitness for body, mind, soul – new kind of sports leadership

Instructors at the Blue Dragon Club are teaching more than technique. JENNIFER GILBERT finds out how and why.

Veggie tales: why a vegan diet can be as varied as any other

Why do people decide to go against the grain and become vegan? asks ANGIE MILLS.

Head of the fish leads the way in iwi radio broadcasting

Wellington’s award-winning Maori radio station set to celebrate 25 years in the business, reports RODNEY BROWN.

Alister Grant has been a feminist well ahead of his time

The life of a merry banker and womens rights supporter, who recounted his times to GARETH WALLACE..

Marae and mosque – how Kiwis are attracted to overlapping customs

Similarities between Islam and Maori culture are leading more Maori to embrace Islam, reports MOHAMMAD NAZAYER.

Contrary to belief, we may be losing ‘binge’ from our drinking culture

So what’s causing a growing belief NZ youth drinking is out of control? asks ANNA WILLIAMS:

New generation of Brits moves here for vastly different reasons

British migration to New Zealand has become more restrictive, yet not uncommon. CHRISTINA MCDONALD finds out why two familes migrated.

Desire for culture prompts many Māori to reconnect

Maori who feel isolated from their culture are increasingly finding ways to reconnect with it, reports KATIE MCALISTER.

Blanket Man’s back story – what’s really going on with our homeless

We are quickly falling behind other western countries when it comes to helping the homeless, reports TENNESSEE MANSFORD.

Stereotypes rule – how media misses the real news in sex work

Sex workers and academics say media inability to look past myths hinders inquiry into real issues, reports TESSA JOHNSTONE.