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Friday, 24 March 2017 07:13 pm

Lead Story

Does New Zealand have a rape culture? Views from the street

Rape culture has been in the news following social media posts and filming of female teachers by college students.

NEWSWIRE TEAM took to the streets of Wellington to ask people if they thought the country had a rape culture.


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Night market used to launch Porirua’s latest mural by local artists

Porirua’s new mural stole the show during the official opening at yesterday’s night market in Porirua’s CBD. Porirua artists Chloe Reweti and Ruth Robertson-Taylor used some of Porirua most iconic places and people in the artwork. KATENI SAU reports.


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Students being asked to Check Yourself as tertiary year begins

The words “Check Yourself” will be in the face of young people from this week, on everything from bus backs to bar toilet doors and social media. ANGELA REID reports on a campaign partnership between council, police and tertiary institutions.


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Sallies encouraging New Zealanders to think before they vote

The latest Salvation Army State of the Nation report raises questions that need answering ahead of the election due to entrenched child abuse and poverty, alarming housing conditions and an exploding prison population. SHAR DAVIS reports.


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Trump’s policies tipped to push up inflation

Kiwis are speculating about the impact the Donald trump presidency will have here.

Victoria University’s Jon Johansson fears Trump’s plans to increase infrastructure spending and increase tax cuts, will have a flow-on effect.

LAURA KEOWN reports.


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Hutt public has say on big repair bill for quake-hit Petone wharf

Over a million dollars is needed for Petone wharf repair, and consultation will take place early in 2017 after blow-out in maintenance costs.
MARGOT NEAS reports.


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Post- Brexit Brits are keeping calm and not fleeing to NZ after all

In the weeks after Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 23 , New Zealand was told to prepare for a British invasion. But Statistics New Zealand figures tell a different story. CHRIS VISSER reports.


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Kiwis flying more than ever, but they are avoiding some places

Statistics New Zealand report shows Kiwis are travelling more but not to the same places they once did. However fewer are going to traditionally glamourous holiday destinations Vanuatu, Paris and Italy. SHAR DAVIS reports.


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Flood of submissions to DoC on Waitaha River

The Department of Conservation has received 1680 public submissions after approving in principle a hydro scheme on the West Coast’s Waitaha River.

Seventy submitters want to speak at hearing on December 5 for scheme that Forest and Bird says will be a devastating impact on native animals and vegetation. MARGOT NEAS reports.


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Wellington CBD an earthquake ghost town as the clean-up begins

Wellington CBD was all but deserted today as residents respected the council’s request to avoid the area so that buildings could be checked for damage by experts. SHAR DAVIS reports.


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President Trump reality dawns on US and world

Pennsylvania was being declared for Donald Trump and with it the presidential election.

JAMES MALTHUS followed the trajectory of election day through monitoring US sites and media coverage with live updates. Welcome to Donald Trump’s America.


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It’s Hillary’s to lose says top political scientist


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Once-a-year punters tell why they love the Melbourne Cup

New Zealanders are expected to spend over 10 million dollars on this year’s Melbourne Cup.
A Newswire street poll reveals why they’re so happy to lay their money down on an Aussie horse race.


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Coolest capital gets creative council titles

Wellington new has cool names for its councillors – there’s a city scientist and a Wellington ambassador.

The two new portfolios are among new Mayor Justin Lester’s major revamp of councillor responsibilities. SHAR DAVIS talks to councillors about their new roles.


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Arts and culture hit if capital ‘slush fund’ axed, says Foster

Scrapping the council’s “slush fund” would deal a blow to Wellington’s arts and culture activity, says long-time councillor and mayoral candidate Andy Foster. He talks to ANGELA REID about the role in plays in the cultural capital.


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Lester throws council CEO “under bus” says mayoral rival

Tempers flared when Wellington mayoral hopefuls asked for opinions on financial transparency.


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Council candidates challenged on collaborating as leaders

Wellington city councillors should be shut away together for a weekend to thrash things out, according to a candidate for the Eastern Ward. ANGELLA REID reports on a candidates meeting in Hataitai.


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Smash and grab at Wellington charity Dress for Success

Volunteers are cleaning up after a Wellington non-profit was burgled and vandalised on Tuesday night. The second-floor office of Dress for Success on Boulcott Street was broken into and cash, jewellery, and electronics were stolen. LAURA KEOWN reports.


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Porirua College’s first new principal in 20 years welcomed

Porirua College whanau spent a long time looking for the right principal to build on the legacy Susan Jungerson. This week they welcomed Ragne Maxwell to the role. KATENI SAU reports.


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Journalism’s challenges and opportunities on the table in new book

New Zealand journalists keep the profession in “good shape” despite challenges, says an editor of a new book. Barnaby Bennett joined three panelists and over 60 guests to discuss and launch the book, Don’t dream it’s over: Reimagining journalism in Aotearoa. PATRICK FRENCH reports.


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Raumati Rd school traffic chaos finally getting attention

The twice-daily traffic jam outside Raumati Beach School might be getting sorted out after years of public frustration – hopefully this summer. The plan will ease congestion and make the area safer for students. DAN MAGEEAN reports.


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David Jones wows crowd and employee

Wellington’s fascination with the new David Jones store was enough for the doors to be closed for a short time because of opening day crowds.

Store management introduced NewsWire’s PATRICK FRENCH to one of the company’s new local employees, retail assistant Molly Brain (19) to talk about the experience.

WATCH: New age of creative education launched with Te Auaha

New Zealand Institute of Applied Creativity will brings together more than 1000 students each year in one creative space on the corner of Cuba and Dixon streets, Wellington. James Lobban (video), Larissa Toelupe (interview) and Colin Engelbrecht (story) report.

Crowd wowed by talent, launch for Te Auaha

Students and graduates showed off their creative skills for gala launch of $22.5 million centre.

The launch included live performances from the new institute’s programmes, plus speeches from Minister for Tertiary Education Skills and Employment Steven Joyce and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Maggie Barry.

Seeing school through eyes of kids, families lifts Postgate

Advisory groups engaging families are raising Maori and Pacific achievement at Postgate School in Whitby.

ZARIUS SAMUEL reports it is all part of what principal Adam Campbell says involves seeing learning through children’s eyes.

Karori crowds determined to save uni campus for community

An abandoned looking Ako Pai Marae on Victoria University’s campus typifies the value that locals see in the former education facilities.

AMY MCEWEN reports on local reaction and the meeting.

Last chance for public to influence Stokes Valley Community Hub

Stokes Valley residents have only a week left to submit their views on council’s $5 million community hub project.

The project will be finalised soon after April 29, which marks the last day submissions will be accepted. KEENAN MAY reports.

Te Aro wins back school decile six rating after ministry raises it to 10

The idea of doing away with the decile system for rating schools has found favour with a school which has had to fight against the inequities of the current system.

Tayla Shortland reports on Te Aro School’s battle.

Maori unlikely to bother with flag vote based on history

ENROLMENTS for the second flag vote close on Wednesday , and while there has been a push for enrolments, history suggests Maori will be under-represented. About 27 per cent of all voters from the seven Maori electorates cast their vote last year. EMMA MOODY reports.

Film attraction could have impact on capital’s smaller museums

With two giant attractions side by side, Wellington Museums Trust Director Brett Mason wonders if tourists explore the city enough to visit Wellington’s other museums.

KEENAN MAY reports.

Hutt locals question proposed dog park

Hutt Valley residents have two hearings where verbal submissions will be made about a proposed new dog reserve which is worrying locals.

The public reserve on Pohutukawa Street has been selected a year-long trial. MATT TSO reports.

Standing up for victims of rainbow violence in New Zealand

Domestic violence within the queer community is being tackled head on by a new organisation.

Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence recognises the different issues queer and transgender people face within violent relationships. ALIA OVEREND reports.

A passing grade but only just for PM’s refugee package

LISTEN: THE GOVERNMENT’S received a could do better card from Wellingtonians following news that its increasing our refugee intake. New Zealand will accept another 250 a year on top of the current 750 over the next 3 years.

Consensus on the street – NZ should take another 1000 refugees

LISTEN: PRIME MINISTER John Key will this afternoon announce the government’s response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe. Germany is currently bearing the brunt and Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for other countries to step up and help. ANDREW JOHNSEN reports.

Creative leader predicts new campus centre will light up Wellington

THE man who lit up Wellington’s 150th birthday is excited about the creative possibilities of the new polytechnic arts and performance centre on Cuba Street. Construction has just began following a ceremony led by Te Ati Awa iwi in late August. EMMA MOODY reports.


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Long list of flag designs fail to get people excited about change

‘No’ was the most popular answer on the streets of Wellington when people were asked for their opinion after the release of the ‘long list’ of flags. More than 100 people were spoken to, and 63% of them were not interested in changing flags. NEWSWIRE TEAM reports.

Cold facts show work needed before everyone has Warm Fuzzies

With some of the worst statistics for poorly insulated housing in New Zealand, Wellington is struggling to meet the demand to fit out homes with proper heating. COLIN ENGELBRECHT looks at the statistics, and talks to an organisation which is part of the solution.

Amnesty urges NZ government to open its heart for Syrians

Amnesty International members gathered outside Parliament to encourage the Government to increase the refugee quota.

COLIN ENGELBRECHT talked to organisers at the protest.

City cyclists in for safer ride, but there’s still more talk before action

Wellington City Council has proposed a new cycle framework in Wellington. JAMES LOBBAN checks in with the cycling lobby and a councillor, who are hopeful this finally means action for dedicated city cycle lanes, after years of talking.

Kiwi wins sci-fi trip to US for L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of Future

Three years of self taught illustration work has paid off for Amit Dutta after winning a dream prize for amateur artists in the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of The Future competition. He talks with COLIN ENGELBRECHT after returning from Los Angeles.

Neither spit nor spare change are what capital beggars really need

A begging culture appears to be growing visibly on the streets of Wellington.

JONTY DINE visits the home where some of the beggars live together, to try to understand some of the issues.

‘Knee-jerk’ prisoner voting law damages society, say advocates

A High Court action has thrown the focus on the law which bans prisoners from voting. Campaigners say the law disconnects prisoners from society when they need to be re-connecting, and there will be consequences. TESS NICHOL reports.

Politics, bureaucracy stop Island Bay cyclists in their new bike track

A new year was supposed to bring an upgraded commuter cycleway to Island Bay, but politics and red tape have cast doubt overthe project. After receiving the go-ahead at the beginning of December, behind-the-scenes politiking has resulted in another meeting in February likely. YC LEE reports.

Wellingtonians ask: Is Jesus still the reason for the season?

Over 80% of those questioned in a Wellington street poll feel Christmas is too commercial. Only two of those questioned mentioned the birth of Christ.

FRANCESCA JAGO has the details.

Sex worker sanctuary is Rosalie’s mission, and she needs help

A woman who escaped the prostitution industry now wants Wellington City Council help to fund a haven.

JONTY DINE reports on Rosalie Batchelor’s appeal, and what councillors thought.

Capital, Hutt millions go to regional trains, buses says campaigner

Wellington and Lower Hutt ratepayers are being unfairly charged for expensive rail costs in the wider region according to independent research. FINN RAINGER talks to Tony Randle who has done the numbers and wants them changed.

More homes coming for Hutt, but it may not address the real need

Hutt Valley residents have the chance on Thursday and Saturday this week to find out about the council’s infill housing proposals. Proponents say it will revitalise a tired inner-city, while others say the type of housing is not what people want. NICOLE ADAMSON reports.

Medal honours people behind capital’s beloved baby care packs

Jo Alderdice and Little Sprouts charity has gone from making one baby care pack to becoming one of Wellington’s Local Heroes.

Chocolate maker wants Kiwis to help poor Bougainville growers

WATCH: Organic, Fairtrade Wellington Chocolate Factory maker this week launches a Kickstarter campaign for a Bougainville cocoa grower. Financing the improved processing will eventually mean cocoa beans can be shipped direct from Bougainville to New Zealand. LIZE IMMELMAN reports.

Island Bay mood about new seawall and traffic may be changing

Debate in the community meetings considering the council’s five options are beginning the shift local feelings about some of the issues, says Councillor Paul Eagle. However traffic changes are still the biggest sticking point if the coast road is closed. HAYLEY GASTMEIER attended two of the meetings.

Legal highs are on their way back, but public can have their say

Psychoactive drugs and legal highs are scheduled for a comeback in May 2015. Senior policy advisor at the Wellington City Council Mark Jones says whether we like it or not, the drugs may come back and be sold. NICOLE ADAMSON reports.

Whitireia performers warm up for cultural tour to Taiwan festival

Nan Ying Folk Festival is the destination next week for the annual Whitireia Performing Arts Wananga. In the final stages of preparations, the degree students visited Karori West Normal School and wowed hundreds of students. MATTHEW LAU, who will be reporting on the tour, was at Karori.

Key more years, Peters party foiled, and Harawira blind-sided

After one of the most divisive election campaigns in New Zealand history, NewsWire reporters TESS NICHOL and SUE TEODORO reflect on the big winners and losers of New Zealand’s 2014 General Election.

One in five Kiwi voters cast their ballot in early polling record

Most Kiwis are voting today, but the Electoral Commission early voting marketing has made a difference. More than 20% or New Zealanders who are eligible to vote had done so by yesterday. JONTY DINE reports.

Wellingtonians are not totally convinced about Greens transport spend

The Greens Party has announced a half-billion-dollar public transport spend for Wellington if it gets into power. Most locals think the ideas have merit, but decisionmakers expect more communication, and trolley buses are not popular. SARAH WILSON reports.

Pokie machines split Hutt council, mayor refuses casting vote

One side says getting pokies out of high deprivation areas is the answer, the other says enforcing a sinking lid policy is more important for problem gamblers. AMANDA HERERRA attended this week’s long and passionate debate.

Bashed manager of gay bar humbled by group hugs and support

Following a week-long social media campaign crowds packed Ivy Bar and Caberet for a show of solidarity against homophobic violence. JONTY DINE reports on the group hug and singing.

Crowd funding gets serious, but there is still chance of potato salad

Kiwi entrepreneurs can now crowd fund through licences issued by the Financial Markets Authority to the likes of PledgeMe. However, FRANCESCA JAGO found there is still the potential for a $55,000 potato salad fundraiser.

Bowling club sale to benefit community but some locals unhappy

Vogelmorn Bowling Club is on the market and could put about $1 million into a foundation for the community but some residents are not ready to let the club go. LIAM CAVANAGH reports of the community debate.

Caring sharing city gets big thumbs up from Wellington beggars

Generous locals are attracting beggars from Auckland and Christchurch. However JONTY DINE reports the easy money can be destructive. Also, NewsWire team asked Wellingtonians how they felt about the increasing in begging on the street.

Families who drink raw milk wanted for study into health benefits

Raw milk stirs emotion from both sides of the debate, but Massey University is looking to find some answers and researchers are recruiting families who drink raw milk for a study into potential health benefits. LIAM CAVANAGH reports.

Wellingtonians and visitors get excited for FIFA World Cup final

In homes, bars and businesses across greater Wellington, football fans gathered to watch the FIFA World Cup final. The NEWSWIRE TEAM ventured to different venues across the city to cover the event.

Lower Hutt residents and landlords are ignoring free insulation

Council officers are trying to get the message through about the Warm up New Zealand project offering free home insulation for home owners with eligible tenants. NICOLE ADAMSON reports.

‘Highway robbery’ fuel tax more of same for frustrated motorists

The first of three annual petrol tax increases, which will add nine cents a litre to the price of fuel, this week hit the pumps around the country. The NewsWire team went to the streets of Wellington to gauge reaction.

Warning new auction laws will lead to waste, but Trademe happy

A traditional auction business believes new laws will lead to more dumping.

$80 million Cuba St creative hub plan to house 1000 students

A Cuba St building will be the first major programme related project for Wellington’s Whitireia and WelTec polytechs, which are governed by the same council. NEWSWIRE TEAM reports on the launch.

Students want co-ordinated response to sex assaults

Ongoing sex assaults prompt student call for safer pathways around Wellington city.

Landslip still causing problems for Kingston residents

Kingston residents affected by a landslip last year say they are still facing problems, and a report shows that homeowners in the area have cause for concern.

Pacific Advisory Group needs more time, money, says chair

Nominations are open for new members, and the outgoing group has recommended to Wellington City Council that the number of seats be increased to 19 so smaller Pacific Island groups are represented. JULIE TAYLOR reports.

Entrepreneurs look to beat the winter chill with solar energy

Local entrepreneurs are launching a new product that could help thousands of Kiwis during winter months. Their Solar Space Heater uses solar power to provide heat to houses during sunshine hours. JOSH PRICE talked to the co-founders.

Migrant volunteers to be recognised for their work in capital

New migrants will celebrate their volunteering achievements in a special awards ceremony this week. ANNEKA PAUL reports on how volunteering has connected the recent arrivals to their new home.

Footy food and cold beer to get upgrade at Westpac Stadium

Stadium-goers sick of standard footy food will be able to swap hotdogs and chips for steak sandwiches, vegetarian burritos and even Yorkshire puddings. LAUREN MANN reports.

Mayor buzzing about beekeeping initiative led by Te Aro School

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown this week visited Te Aro School, the first Wellington primary school to keep beehives. JOSH PRICE reports on students getting back to nature.

Capital bike fans want European cycleways through Newtown

Plans for a safe cycle-way network through the southern suburbs will be revealed at the Newtown Residents’ Association community meeting in Newtown on March 17. FINN RAINGER reports.

Street poll: Minimum wage rise great, but it should be more

The minimum wage is going up 50 cents to $14.25, and many of those spoken to on the streets of Wellington this week say it should be more. The NEWSWIRE TEAM asked people for views on the rise, and whether it would affect them.

Marie Shroff bids farewell to a decade of privacy

Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff is leaving after more than ten years in the job.

She sat down with CALLY MARTIN to reflect on her career, and privacy issues in New Zealand.

Basin and social media celebrate Brendon McCullum’s 302 runs

A late cut to the boundary at backward point put New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum’s 302 in the record books.
SAM BRODIE reports that at the same time, related hashtags dominated social media in New Zealand and India.

Young Warkina finding his roots and making a difference in Africa

Warkina Tujuba is heading to Africa on voluntary work thanks to a big fundraising effort. KHALID AHMED met the 17 year-old who talks about why he is making the journey back to where he was born, and where he will walk in his late father’s footsteps.

Kapa haka in the park a first for Waiwhetu in Lower Hutt

Kapa haka teams from around Wellington region are at Te Whiti Park in Lower Hutt today to compete in the Wellington Kapa Haka Championships. SAM BRODIE reports from Waiwhetu.