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Monday, 22 April 2019 02:07 am

Local body elections

Secret Singapore deal latest in mixed history for growth fund

MARGOT NEAS background the mixed history of the economic growth fund.

Street poll: Wellington has a heart, and so should councils

Homelessness, housing and social issues concern people in the coming council elections

Young and restless for mayoral future

With 2016 another local body election year, Wellington’s Nicola Young is making her second tilt for the capital’s mayoralty. DOMINIC GODFREY reports.

Local and regional issues on the mind of new councillor

Northern Ward’s Malcolm Sparrow believes amalgamation will help address issues such as jobs.

Eagle already seeing a more energetic council

Councillor says six new faces will help bring more action to Wellington local government.

Voting time may be shorter, and online pushed in review

Local body expert Dr Mike Reid addressed lack of voter turnout and gave insight into reasons behind it in a public lecture in the week after the elections.

LAUREN MANN reports on what the future might hold.

Wade-Brown lays out vision for her second term as capital’s mayor

CELIA WADE-BROWN pulled dead heads out of flower pots while awaiting the mayoral election results, but she had no need for nerves thanks to a majority of more than 2500.

JULIE TAYLOR reports on her winning words.

Labour celebrates getting two candidates on to the WCC

Paul Eagle celebrated his win at the Labour Party shindig at Wharewaka on Wellington’s waterfront.

A few new names among Hutt City councillors and board members

A wrap-up of who has been elected today to serve under re-elected Hutt City Council Mayor Ray Wallace.

Early twitter feed of Wellington’s local body elections

The early feed from the twittersphere begins to reveal both election winners and losers.

Video: Wellington voters turned away in final rush to lodge papers

A woman tossed her papers from a car to a stranger as NewsWire Team watched a frenzied last hour of voting.

Voters and candidates split about online voting in future

VOTERS and candidates at Wellington City Council today were evenly divided on the possibility of online voting in future elections.

LIAM MACANDREW and ELLIOT PARKER spoke to some of them during last minute voting this morning.

Thorndon operators want council to change angled parking

The incoming council needs to adress the parking layout in Thorndon if they want to satisfy Thorndon businesses.

Lack of concern for local elections a problem, says departing chairman

Departing chairman of Lower Hutt City’s Western Ward reflects on local body politics.

Local businesses look for action from the incoming mayor

Local businesses say they are looking for the new council to actively address problems with the CBD.

Who stole my sign? It’s the latest electioneering slogan

Eastern Ward councillor Swampy Marsh finds tongue in cheek response to election theft.

Mayoral hopefuls angry at being dismissed by academic

Management lecturer’s comments in story described as irresponsible and a disservice to democracy.

Almost half of ward candidates don’t bother showing to meeting

Large public turn-out to Ngaio’s western ward meeting not reciprocated by some candidates.

Young voters show little interest in election, but they still have opinions

A street poll shows concern for liquor licencing, and about candidates not connecting with young.

Mayoral candidates share their visions for Upper Hutt City

Economic growth is at the top of the wishlists for Upper Hutt City mayoralty contenders, reports JANELLE CHEESMAN.

Media coverage of mayoral race unfair, says candidate Goulden

The former councillor takes time to attack the media and other candidates during his bid to lead capital.

Traffic, mall and living wage on minds of northern ward voters

Johnsonville meeting brings out 50 voters to ask candidates questions

Newtown out in force to listen to what candidates have to say

Libraries, fluoride, roads and bikes on minds of locals out to meet would-be mayors and councillors.

Upper Hutt mayor has plenty of fight left for another election

Wayne Guppy still has the energy to be the voice of his community, he tells JAMES PAUL.

Fresh face on Tawa board renews family ties

Alistair Sutton follows in grandfather mayor’s footsteps.

Capital’s new voters cost more than $1000 each

Advertising worth $130,000 nets 129 more voters than 2007

Celia Wade-Brown takes mayoralty by 176 votes

Green Wellington city councillor Celia Wade-Brown has taken the mayoralty from three-term incumbent Kerry Prendergast.

Her victory was announced today after council electoral staff checked more than 900 special votes, report NICOLE BENNIK, SAMANTHA IVES and GRACE ACKLAND.

Bets are on for Capital’s two mayor race

News media and political bookies perfectly predicted Wellington’s mayoral race would be a near dead heat between Kerry Prendergast and Celia Wade-Brown.

HANNA BUTLER has been checking odds as the Capital holds its breath for tomorrow’s final count.

Who is to blame for colourless city council election?

Ethnic minorities may have to wait a bit longer before they see more of their own people on council, reports MOHAMMAD NAZAYER.

Councils fail to reflect Capital city’s ethnic diversity

FEW Maori or other ethnic minorities are making it on to elected councils in NZ, and Wellington is no exception, report GREG FORD and AMIE HICKLAND.

Gluttons for punishment – or just happy counting?

When counting thousands of voting papers you’d better have a good sense of humour, writes TANYA WOOD.

Computer crunches numbers in votes-go-round election

Council elections’ Single Transferable Vote system seems the opposite of Keep It Simple, Stupid. ALICE PETRIE clears up the confusion.

Four versus “three musketeers” in fight for Porirua’s Western Ward

Douglas, Kelly and Smith pride themselves on their teamwork, but they face a foursome calling for action and change. JENNIFER GILCHRIST reports.

Kapiti candidate sick of scouring district fixing bashed billboards

Billboard vandalism led one councillor to pull out of the main race this election. TANYA WOOD reports from the campaign trail.

Incumbents face fight to hold regional council seats

The 13 sitting members of Greater wellington Regional Council are being challenged by 17 other candidates.

Plenty of challengers take on sitting councillors

Incumbents in capital’s Eastern, Northern and Onslow-Western Wards want another shot at running city. NIKKI PAPATSOUMAS reports.

Race to be mayor of Capital city is down to a ‘quaddie’

Two of the six candidates don’t seem to have any policies, reports HUGH PETERSEN.

My election board’s been defaced again…oh well

Election boards are regularly defaced or vandalised as the local body elections unfold – but some candidates accept this as part of the territory. reports GREG FORD.

Incumbent councillors want job again in three Wellington wards

But there are plenty of options for voters seeking change. Report by NIKKI PAPATSOUMAS.

Challengers of 2007 return in bid to topple Kapiti mayor

ALICE PETRIE surveys the field of would-be Kapiti district mayors, including one-term incumbent Jenny Rowan.

Spending argument lurks beneath surface of watery promises

Thrifty Mayor Ogden appears cautious while challenger Wallace wants a Hutt City spend-up. NICOLE BENNIK reports.

Titahi Bay Beach revitalisation plans work in progress

Porirua City Council working with locals on range of strategies

Four-lane bypass raises temperature as Kapiti Coast prepares to vote

Candidates are likely to be elected on where they stand on the planned SH1 Expressway, writes TANYA WOOD.

New candidate puts civil defence on eastern ward agenda

Fagaloa challenges Wellington’s disaster relief plans in wake of Christchurch quake. By NITA BLAKE-PERSEN.

Fresh faces lining up for mayoralty race in Upper Hutt

After standing unchallenged last time, Wayne Guppy has a competition on his hands. ANITA DE MUTH reports.

Welly’s would-be mayors and the eccentric elector elephant

About 100 people turned up to Aro Valley Community Centre to hear six mayoral candidates ‘debate’. GRACE ACKLAND makes sense of the eccentricity.

Russell and Barbara marshall their mayoral candidacy

Voters are being wooed by a duo with decades of public service. By JENNIFER GILCHRIST.

Kapiti Coasters expected to turn out to vote on hot issues

Hotly debated issues should see more Kapiti Coasters voting, reports TANYA WOOD.

Kapiti Coast local government electors have 27 posts to fill

This year sees more candidates standing for more than one position, reports TANYA WOOD.

Obscure candidates are using multi-media means

SAMANTHA IVES finds some council candidates are using up to 11 different media – many of them online – to market themselves.

Nine contenders compete in Porirua mayoral race

Porirua electors have been inundated with choice as long serving mayor Jenny Brash resigns. JENNIFER GILCHRIST looks at the options.

Wairarapa voters show most interest in local body elections

Porirua and Wellington City voters are slowest to get their papers into the post, reports OWEN WINTER.

Transport will still be the greatest issue for regional council

Coming improvements include real-time information, electronic ticketing, and improved public transport network frequency and coverage, reports JOSIE GLASSON.

Why local body elections aren’t occupying our minds

Ministry of Social Development data shows local government voting is on the decline, with less than half of those enrolled bothering to vote, reports ANNA MATHIESON.