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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 05:39 am

Radio News

Dancing into Taiwan

Fashion supports breast cancer research

FASHION CONSCIOUS Wellingtonians will have the chance to indulge their passion while also supporting Breast Cancer this Thursday. “Fashion for a Cure” is being organised by the Breast Cancer Research Trust to raise money toward the 2018 deadline they set to find a cure. Marketing manager Phillipa Greene says the organisation set the 2018 date because they want to protect the next generation.

Wallace art award winners exhibit at Pataka

WOMEN HAVE taken out two of the top four prizes in the prestigious Wallace Art Awards, and their work will be part of an exhibition at Pataka Museum this weekend. Shigeyuki Kihara won the paramount award for her DVD, Waves of Fire.

MP supports female director on NZRFU

MP AND former Black Fern Louisa Wall has added to the Human Rights Commission’s call for a woman to be included on rugby’s national governing body. Thirty percent of sports directors in New Zealand are women but the NZRFU has never had a woman on its board.

Strawberries raise money for Mary Potter

ABOUT FORTY thousand dollars is expected to be raised for the Mary Potter hospice, from the Strawberry festival in Midlands park this week. Organiser Graham Ford says the theme of this year’s annual concert is “Bigger and Brighter”.

Zoo visits support international conservation

WELLINGTONIANS WANTING to take part in conservation efforts can do it as easily as visiting the Zoo. People that purchase an “Up Close and Personal Encounter” are donating 10 per cent of the charge to support endangered animal organisations worldwide.

NZ losing it’s holiday appeal for Brits

New Zealand is losing appeal to the Brits as a holiday destination, according to recent arrival statistics. In this year’s travel and migration figures, numbers are down a third, from over 100 thousand to only 74 thousand.

NZ not the holiday destination for British

NEW ZEALAND is losing appeal to the Brits as a holiday destination, according to recent arrival statistics. In this year’s travel and migration figures, numbers are down a third, from over 100 thousand to only 74 thousand. Even emigrating to NZ is unpopular for those from the UK, with arrivals down five point seven per cent from last year.

Hutt crack down on drivers using cell phones

THE HUTT City Council is backing a week long crack down by police on the use of cell phones while driving from today. Any driver caught using their phone will face an $80 fine and 20 demerit points. Hutt Valley police area commander Shane Cotter says the crackdown is intended to refocus drivers’ attention on the matter.

Safety at Rimutaka prison concerns NZ First

New Zealand First is concerned about safety at Rimutaka Prison following an incident with a prisoner and visitor trapped in a visiting booth for several hours. Corrections spokesperson Asenati Lole-Taylor says the prison site was compromised when a count was completed without confirming the whereabouts of the prisoner.

Hutt views sought on alcohol consumption

HUTT VALLEY residents are being asked for their views on whether there should be fewer liquor stores in neighbourhoods and whether bars and clubs should close earlier. Lower and Upper Hutt Councils are currently running a valley wide survey that asks for people’s views on alcohol consumption and availability in their communities.

Opinion sought on Calliope park upgrade

COMMUNITY INPUT is being called for in Porirua East, as work continues to upgrade one of the major local parks. The Cannons Creek Ratepayers and Residents association is leading the push to upgrade Calliope park, which locals used to complain was rundown, dirty and dangerous.

Gandalf finds favour with Wellingtonians

MOST WELLINGTONIANS love the huge sculpture of Gandalf, that was put up above the Embassy theatre in Kent Terrace this morning (Monday, 19 Nov). It’s nine days to the premiere of the new Hobbit movie and the sculpture is already generating a lot of hype on the streets.

Railway union decries sale of railway workshop

A RAILWAY union spokesperson says the Government’s decision to sell Hillside Rail workshop shows it doesn’t care about the manufacturing workforce. Organiser John Kerr says the recent decision to sell the Dunedin rail vehicle manufacturer shows the Government cares more about its place on the global market than it does about local workers.

Hobbit fever hits Miramar

Miramar is abuzz with its own build-up towards the Hobbit Premiere – and the Roxy Theatre and Coco restaurant are its focus. Co-owned by Sir Richard Taylor, the Miramar complex is adorned with Hobbit paraphernalia and it is expecting a boom in business over the summer holidays.

Gandalf finds favour with Wellingtonians

MOST WELLINGTONIANS love the huge sculpture of Gandalf, that was put up above the
Embassy theatre in Kent Terrace this morning (Monday, 19 Nov). It’s nine days to the premiere of the new Hobbit movie and the sculpture is already generating a lot of hype on the streets.

Porirua racers get to “pound the pavement”

PORIRUA’S “POUND the Pavement” event is being held tomorrow, giving locals the opportunity to get fit and have fun.

Entrants can choose to either walk five kilometres around Aotea lagoon, or run the 11 kilometre multi-terrain track.

Sports clubs should give disabled players a go

WELLINGTON SPORTS clubs should form partnerships with other clubs in their code, which give people with disabilities a chance to play. Handicapped basketballer, Rosie Macleod says most athletes who become paralyzed don’t know their options because there’s no contact between able and disabled sports.

Unique sheep plays special role in the Hobbit

A SPECIAL breed of sheep found only in the Wairarapa is being used to make costume pieces for Peter Jackson’s latest film. Stansborough Textiles owns the one-of-a-kind Stansborough Grey, whose unique grey blue wool has been used by international designers like Donna Karan and David Jones.

Road works start soon on Petone’s esplanade

CONGESTION ON the Petone foreshore could be a thing of the past, if new roading improvements are successful. The Hutt City Council is planning to take out parking, and add another lane to parts of the Esplanade, to help with peak traffic flow.

Petone family business cuts it fine in the Hobbit

A SMALL family business in Petone is making costumes for one of the biggest movies this year – the Hobbit. Stansborough Textiles is building on its success from the Lord of the Rings, to produce some prominent costume pieces, including a major part of Gandalf’s outfit.

Mina wants global recognition of music in te reo

MAORI LANGUAGE musician Mina Ripia says that there isn’t enough global recognition of music in te reo Maori – and she hopes to change that. Mina Ripia and her band WAI will be performing at the Australasian World Music Expo in Melbourne this week.

Makers hope costumes are a hit with Hobbit fans

A WELLINGTON textile company is hoping the costumes they made for the Hobbit movie will be a hit with fans. Stansborough Textiles owner Barry Eldridge has just landed a contract to design costume pieces for Peter Jackson’s latest movie, using wool from sheep found nowhere else in the world – the Stansborough Grey.

Ukrainians invite public to celebrate Vshyvanka

THE CLOSE-KNIT Ukrainian community of Wellington is opening its doors to the public to celebrate the festival of Vyshyvanka (PRON viz-shanka). Named after an embroidered shirt traditionally passed mother to son, the festival was created to help preserve and promote the Ukraine culture in New Zealand.

Fewer hospital visits after BZP law change

WELLINGTON HOSPITAL is seeing a decrease in emergency patients who have used legal highs since legislation was passed to remove BZP from these products. Lisette Ennis-Wilson has the details.

Church ministers find students for trades course

PACIFICA CHURCHES in Wellington are sponsoring students for Weltec’s new Pacific-based carpentry courses. Chief Executive Dr Linda Sissons says ministers have got together and done a tremendous job finding scholarship hopefuls in their communities for the 34-week course.

Hutt’s property market follows sluggish trend

HUTT VALLEY’S property market is following the sluggish trend of the rest of the Wellington region. Property values across the wider Wellington area are down five-point-one percent from their peak five years ago. That compares to Auckland and Christchurch, where property values have risen for the same period.

Garden tour should raise $100 thousand for wildlife

A GARDEN tour around the Wairarapa this weekend is likely to raise over one hundred thousand dollars for Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Sanctuary. Co-organiser Jo Parker says they are expecting over 600 people to visit the 14 sites on the tour.

Hard work pays off for Carterton artist

15 MONTHS worth of hard work has finally paid for Carterton artist Rhondda Grieg, when she presents an art tribute to the local event centre this morning. In her 70s now, Rhondda Grieg was commissioned to make the huge seven by four metre wall painting for the opening of the Carterton Event centre a year ago, but she says there were just too many challenges

Massive perspex wall hanging for Carterton

AN ARTIST in her seventies will present a huge seven by three-metre wall hanging to the Carterton Event Centre today , a year after it was supposed to be finished. Artist Rhonda Grieg says it took longer than expected to make because of the huge size of Perspex needed and also the difficulty to get the special art materials.

Poetry slam nationals in Wellington

THE NATIONAL Poetry Slam final is being held in Wellington this weekend, and organisers hope it will boost the popularity of poems in New Zealand.

The competition has been running thoughout the country over the past four months. the 12 finalists will be given three minutes to present an original poem – without any props – and they’ll be judged by audience members randomly selected on the night.

Public sector worries hits Wellington’s housing market

CUTS TO the public sector are causing Wellington’s property market to struggle. Real Estate Institute spokesperson Euon Murrell (PRON Ewen More-rell) says many home owner’s in the capital work in the public service, a sector which has been shrinking over the last few years due to restructuring and streamlining.

Growing interest in Wairarapa history

INTEREST IN Wairarapa history is rising as people want to investigate where they came from. District archivist Gareth Winter says over the past five years, enquiries to the Wairarapa archives have tripled.

Masterton school connects with Pacific families

LAKEVIEW SCHOOL in Masterton is planning to reconnect with the local pacific community by holding a Pasifika festival. Principal Ed Hodgkinson says the local residents lost their connection with the school when it merged nine years ago and it has taken a lot of effort to bridge the school back into the community.

Pomare residents march on Parliament

ABOUT ONE hundred people from Wellington, Napier and Auckland marched to the steps of Parliament today, to protest at what they claim to be “ill treatment” by Housing New Zealand. Residents from the Hutt Valley suburb of Pomare were among those protesting, after they were evicted from about ninety state houses, that were eventually demolished earlier this year.

Youth may attend Powershift for free

Pacific youth will have the opportunity to attend New Zealand’s largest youth climate change summit for free in December.

Environmental organisation 350 Aotearoa are offering scholarships to Powershift, a part conference, part festival celebration of how young people can end climate change.

350’s Pacific co-ordinator Koreti Tiumalu says the scholarships are particularly aimed at large families who don’t have the money to send their youth to conferences like Powershift.

Summer scholarships for Maori and PI students

OTAGO UNIVERSITY is helping develop the Maori and Pacific health workforce by offering summer school scholarships for the first time. Wellington Campus Associate Dean Nandika Currey says the courses cover a broad range of topics that can impact on health including climate change, geography, ethics, and law.

Youth urged to use technology to save climate

PACIFIC YOUTH in New Zealand can raise awareness on climate change in the Islands with technology they use every day. 350 Aotearoa spokesperson Koreti Tiumalu says tools we take for granted such as the internet and social media can help give people in the islands a powerful voice on climate change.

Porirua neighbourhood police team turns one

PORIRUA’S NEIGHBOURHOOD policing team are celebrating their one year anniversary this week, a year where prevention before the problem has proved the all difference. Senior Constable Robert Gregory says there has been a lot of success in the past year, with crime rates and graffiti in and around the community dropping. Robert Gregory says they […]

Multi-water sports day planned for Porirua

PORIRUA’S FIRST-ever multi water-sports open day last year was such a huge success, they’re planning to do all over again this year. Porirua will be holding their open day on November 17th, an event aimed at promoting recreation and healthy lifestyles.

Versatility a strength of NZ publishers

NEW ZEALANDERS employed in publishing may have the edge when looking for work overseas thanks to their versatility. Whitireia Publishing’s Rachel Lawson says workers often need to cover a range of roles because many of New Zealand’s smaller publishers can’t employ many people.